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5 more things executive recruiters look for on your resume
Increase your chances of success with your resume

How to Beat ATS Software When Applying for Senior-Level Roles

When looking for a new job, your resume is the most important tool to help land exciting new career opportunities. And it’s no secret that a successful resume has to be up-to-date, well-written and highlight your most relevant skills and experience. Do you believe your resume is up to scratch but still not getting the…

Tips for Your Next Headhunter Interview

Informed, Motivated, and Engaged – Tips for Your Next Headhunter Interview

In a meeting with a headhunter, would you hungrily wolf down a sloppy sandwich? Or back him into a corner by demanding to know, “How did you find me?” This is no way to make a first impression. On the other hand, if you enter the interview well informed about the position and the company in question, and pose relevant questions to the headhunter, this will count in your favor. Today, we spoke with Dr. Thomas K. Heiden, of the recruiting firm heiden associates, recently recognized by Focus Magazine. Read on to learn how you can best prepare yourself for an interview with a headhunter. With these tips for your next headhunter interview, you’ll score points and get an edge on your competition.

executive connexions dos and donts for the senior level job interview

Do’s and Don’ts for the Senior Level Job Interview

What’s the best way to excel in your senior executive job search? It’s simple: understand the perspective of senior-level recruiters, headhunters and hiring managers and use these insights to position yourself as the candidate that best meets their needs.

change jobs every three years
Time for something new?

Why Headhunters Advise Applicants to Change Jobs Every Three Years

Headhunter Christian Pape recommends that candidates should change jobs every three years. Over the course of an average career, this equals out to an average of 13 transitions – is this the future of our job market? Click on ALLOW button to have access to more exciting career news!

executive search

The Executive Search Process: What Senior Candidates Need to Know

Are you ready for the next step in your career? Are you striving towards a new position in management? Whether you found the position yourself, or were approached by a headhunter, chances are the application and decision making process will be made by a recruiter. Click on ALLOW button to have access to more exciting career news!

get noticed by headhunters

Establishing Contact with Headhunters: The Biggest Mistakes

Headhunters can help you to reach the next great step in your career. This cooperation normally only lasts for a short amount of time, usually a few weeks, provided it’s successful for all parties involved – especially in the long-term. Beside subjects like a candidate’s professional competencies in regards to a specific vacancy, especially concerning…

5 ways to build relationships with executive recruiters

5 Ways to Build Relationships with Executive Recruiters 

With many industries, the cliche holds true: it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Today, many recruiters and headhunters are more easily accessible to high quality candidates. So how can you, as a candidate, build relationships with executive recruiters? Hayley Stanton of ExecutiveConnexions has some tips on how you can strengthen your network, and improve your chances of finding your next career opportunity.

Management Audit

The Executive Quality Check – How to Tackle A Management Audit

Management audits carry with them a certain aura of mystery – most executives are still unclear about the assessment procedure in which the performance of top executives are measured. Which questions will you be asked in an interview? How is a management audit structured? Which topics will be covered, and how can you best prepare…

active sourcing as a new recruitment strategy

Active Sourcing as a New Recruitment Strategy [VIDEO]

Companies have been dealing with a lack of skilled workers for quite some time already. Due to demographic and geographic trends all over the world, the job market seems to be in a state of disrepair. Companies are desperately looking for qualified candidates to fill their vacancies. This is where Active Sourcing, or the active search for great candidates, comes into play. Today, we’ll explain why Active Sourcing as a new recruitment strategy is so important, and the opportunities that it offers both companies and candidates.


Get Discovered by More Than 20,000 Headhunters and Recruiters on Experteer [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s no secret that today’s war for talent has headhunters and recruiters fighting over promising leads and qualified candidates. But for senior professionals ready for a change of pace, it’s not always so easy to track down a top recruiter! Networking and visibility are the key factors that will help you make your way onto a headhunter’s radar. Experteer talked to our network of experts to compile the best tips on getting discovered by headhunters. We hope this will help, and we wish you the best of luck with your next career step!

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