Stand out as a top candidate

Headhunter Insights: How Candidates Can Present Themselves Successfully

Qualified managers and executives looking for a new career are often approached by headhunters. They serve as mediators between a company who wants to fill a position and a qualified candidate. But how should a candidate act when they meet a headhunter for the first time? How do you manage to impress the recruiter, and how can you stay in touch? We spoke with Petra Zorgati, a recruiter at Kienbaum, and got her insights.

Understanding what headhunters are looking for in a candidate ensures that you stand out from the crowd.

Give headhunters a reason to say yes

Candidates can convince a headhunter of their worthiness simply by conveying authenticity, says Petra Zorgati. “The candidate that sticks out in my memory is open, honest and grounded.” What looks really poor, on the other hand, is over-the-top twitching or shaking. Why? It makes the candidate appear insecure. Candidates who want to learn more about body language in a headhunter interview can watch our video interview with body language expert Tatjana Strobel. Try to remain loose and relaxed – by doing this you’ll convey your confidence and underscore your qualifications.

But it’s not just in a face-to-face conversation that you can impress recruiters. Your online profile is also important – this is usually where headhunters look to get a first impression of a candidate. With an out-of-date or incomplete profile, a headhunter doesn’t have much to work with. “An ideal profile is informative and significant in the sense that they list key figures and quantifiable numbers,” explains Zorgati.

In this video, you can learn the tips and tricks for how you, as a candidate, can present yourself successfully. You can also find out how you can stay in contact with headhunters and ensure that you’re on their radar when new jobs land on their desk. Because you never know what the future will bring!

We wish you success for the next step in your career.

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