Being Headhunted is Your Best Chance at Landing a Job

According to a recent article from the Wall Street Journal, job seekers are already doing one thing wrong: seeking jobs. Data suggests that by applying through “traditional” means, like classified ads, candidates are likely to be overlooked or even completely ignored. Potential new hires that came through internal recommendations, or headhunters, had the best chance at landing a new job.

Why Being Headhunted is Your Best Shot at Landing a Job

It seems as though hiring managers are tired of dealing with the overwhelming task of sifting through resumes and applications, and deferring instead to candidates found through active sourcing. To ensure your success as you pursue the next step in your career, take note of these tips to get headhunted, and secure that next executive position!

Step 1. Stay Sharp!

This study also indicated that most positions are filled by candidates who aren’t even looking for a new job. So, act now. If you weren’t actively searching for a new position, don’t let yourself get rusty – keep improving yourself. Attend trainings and lectures, conferences and events, for maximum visibility.

Update your CV after every new project, ask your colleagues for references to add to your social networks (and to keep tucked away in your filing cabinet). You never know what kind of opportunities a headhunter may have in store, so avoid being passed over for a dream job that you didn’t even know existed… Work to be your best self, personally and professionally, and improve your chances of finding that next top position!

Step 2. Alert Your Network!

So you’ve always envied James, and his passion for his work. But if his company is really so great, why don’t you work there too? Don’t be shy about your openness to explore other career options. Of course, it’s important to remain loyal to your current employer – we wouldn’t recommend posting a Facebook status lamenting your boredom with your position. But talk to your friends and see what kind of openings are out there.

Experteer loves internal recruiting – we believe that our best employees can attract and recommend similarly talented candidates, and many other companies share this kind of thinking. So next time you hear about Lindsay, who loves her work with Smith and Co., ask if they’re hiring. If they aren’t right now, they might be in three months – lucky you!

Step 3: A New Twist on the Old Methods!

If you are actively looking for a position, don’t give up now. Sadly, not every opportunity will fall into your lap, so it pays to stay true to the traditional job hunting strategies. Job platforms and networks like Experteer work to provide quality postings, and save you time that might be spent trawling the internet for open jobs.

But rather than attaching your CV, inserting your standard cover letter, and clicking “submit” like thousands of other candidates, do a little research. Find the hiring manager online, and see if you have any professional connections. Ask your friends if they know anyone working for that company. Have you ever collaborated with any employees there in the past?

If it applies, can you meet any current employees who might be able to push your CV ahead? Some companies, like Apple, reward their employees for referring potential new hires. If you approach an employee and ask for five minutes of their time, you may be able to convince them to fast-track your application, putting you a league ahead of other applicants.

Headhunters and recruiters can give you a serious leg up when you’re looking to move forward in your career. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities, never stop improving yourself, and do your homework – being headhunted could land you in your next senior executive position!

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