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Welcome to Experteer’s exclusive career magazine.

We are glad that you’re interested in sharing content with us. We partner with trusted individuals and companies in the recruitment, leadership or careers space who are interested in sharing authentic and fresh insights with our readers. Content is defined as: articles, infographics, videos, whitepapers, stories etc. with a strong focus on providing useful information to our readers and consumers. We do not publish advertisements, PR reports or a sales pitch. Our content aims to provide value to our readers.

How to Submit Content

Please write in to submitcontent [at] experteer [dot] com. Our team will respond to you within a week’s time with our suggestions or remarks.

Content submission guidelines

  • Sponsored and prohibited content: 
    1. We accept submissions of sponsored content only if they add high value to our consumers and readers.
    2. Sponsored posts will carry a clear message to the readers with a disclosure. We do not aim to hide a sponsor, but to present entertaining and value added insights.
    3. If you are an existing Experteer partner, we will also include this information in our disclosure.
    4. Prohibited content includes: illegal narcotics, pornographic content, malware, viruses and also content that is misleading.
    5. When you submit content, we will run a plagiarism check and fact-check your content.
    6. This also includes images and data points with copyrights. We credit the original creators and do not use any content without permissions.
    7. We maintain the authenticity of this platform by keeping the content real and authentic. Our content has a long term focus.
  • Tips for great content ideas: Here are some illustrative (not exhaustive) tips for content creation
    1. Start with a reader first approach. Content pieces should share an insight that is interesting or extremely useful to senior executives.
    2. Using pictures, infographics and numbers are a great way to engage the audience.
    3. As a general guideline, content that works best is between 300 to 600 words and contains short sentences, has well-structured ideas, even bullet points, is well punctuated and does not suffer from grammatical errors.
    4. Each content piece contains a title, sub-title and a teaser (two sentence intro to article). The headlines usually are between 8-15 words and do not contain use of smilies, or excessive punctuation. They are also not misleading. We believe our readers trust us, and good content automatically generates traction.
  • Links: You are welcome to embed links to information or trusted data sources, studies etc. in your content. We trust you on knowing what would be most helpful for a reader.
  • Co-creating content ideas: If you’d like to co-create content with us, we are eager to hear your ideas. Please write in to the email given, or fill in our contact form.

We look forward to collaborating with you.


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