Green Benefits Trigger Greater Employee Satisfaction

Going green‘ is an expression that gained popularity in the business world in recent years. More and more companies develop an interest in environmental protection and take action in this sense. On top of cutting costs in the long-term and governmental support, it seems that ‘green’ efforts tend to influence employees’ pride in the organization and their overall satisfaction. Moreover, they are more likely to recommend the company as a place to work.

What would YOU say if your future employer offered you subsidies for buying a hybrid car or purchasing renewable energy at home? Would that boost their chances compared to others who present you the classical package?

What ‘green benefits’ are

Different firms come up with different environmentally friendly measures. In some cases, it’s simply a matter of creativity. As an employee, you could come across any of the following: discounts on ‘green’ recycled products, discounts on public transport, access to pool cars, incentives for buying hybrid cars, natural lighting at the workplace, air-filtration systems that provide better air quality in the office, dining facilities which offer organic food, or the possibility to work remotely.

Learn about companies’ ‘greenness’

If you want to do some research on the ‘greenness’ of the company you’d like to work for, then you can check their website, job descriptions, referrals, value statements, information on their products, even awards they might have received for going green.

‘Green’ Role Models

Quick test: what do Starbucks, S.C. Johnson, Timberland, Google, Goldman Sachs, General Electric and Timberland have in common? Now take your time… And yes, your answer is correct: they are all GREEN. There are plenty of companies out there which follow their steps, but that is just the point: those mentioned above are the role models.

A survey conducted in the UK by Ceridian shows that up to 69% of the employees consider important that their company is environmentally responsible. Furthermore, 35% stress the higher loyalty they would show to such an employer.

Therefore, those who affirm that going green contributes to a positive employment brand, creating a competitive advantage when hiring and retaining employees, have a solid basis.

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