Stand out as a top candidate when looking for an executive role

How to Get Noticed by Headhunters

When it comes to networking with headhunters, a lot of candidates wonder what it takes to get noticed. As a senior-level professional, you know that there are plenty of ways for headhunters to come across your resume. So, how do you make sure that you stand out when looking for an executive position? Consider the following tips to proactively make yourself an attractive candidate, and get noticed by headhunters!

Make the necessary preparations and increase your chances of getting that all-important call from a headhunter.

1. Get Google-savvy

Checking a menu before going to dinner, or looking for a new job – we all know how useful a Google search can be when researching something new. So take a deep breath and search your own name – what do you find? If nothing shows up, it’s time to make your presence known. And if blog comments from your Fantasy Football league are the top four results, you’ve got even more work cut out for you. Try to bury or overshadow unnecessary past results with a strong online presence on networks like Twitter. Instead, populate the web with a perfectly curated picture of you. A social profile on a career networking platform, with an up-to-date CV, might be the first thing that a headhunter sees. It could also be your ticket to a first interview.

2. Use your inner circle

The phrase “networking” is enough to make some people groan. But forget crowded conference rooms and swapping business cards – it’s time to focus on the contacts you already know. Check out your social networks and zero in on headhunters who specialize in your field. At the same time, look for mutual contacts. Top headhunters say that a CV recommended by a friend or acquaintance receives much more attention than any unsolicited email.

3. Become an expert

If you’re restless and looking for a change of pace career-wise, don’t wait for someone else to recognize your stellar potential. Make use of this valuable time and become known as an industry pro. Attend conferences and seminars, and if you’ve got the chance, try to be a speaker. Network, network, network and establish some contacts with the biggest names in your field. Subscribe to prominent publications in your branch, and – even better – ask to write an article or blog post. By carving out a niche for yourself, you can increase your visibility and demonstrate expertise and value in your field – how attractive for a candidate!

The business of headhunting is usually one-sided – top headhunters search for top talent. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting noticed. The better you position yourself, the more likely you are to be discovered.

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