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Finding Leadership Roles: Best Tips

Senior managers looking for jobs have high expectations and little time. So how does one get to the next leadership role quickly and easily? Experteer is the answer! Read on to see actual figures and statistics showing why job hunting using Experteer is best.

Experteer brings together business’s best minds with the best headhunters – and with the most appropriate leadership roles. But the quality standards of the Experteer team are high…

What’s so special about looking for a job with Experteer? How do senior managers use the platform correctly? Alexander Chukovski, Director of Technology and Job Aggregation, answers these questions:

Experteer has significantly more leadership roles* than other job portals – why?

Simple! Experteer…

  • works with 10,000 renowned headhunters worldwide who advertise more than 20,000 jobs directly on our network.
  • uses a highly intelligent crawling technology. It checks more than 300,000 company and job pages daily and filters for jobs over an annual salary of $70,000.
  • searches on the pages of small businesses. These leadership roles are then checked by hand for their quality and selected – only 10% of all jobs that the team or our technology at Experteer crawls or finds are later advertised on our website.

What sets jobs apart on Experteer?

  • The salary benchmark: For all positions on our service, an algorithm calculates the salary potential. We’ve studied hundreds of thousands of jobs over the past ten years and evaluated millions of anonymous profiles and market data to determine earning potentials for each position.
  • Only real C-level jobs: Jobs for the self-employed and franchise jobs, which are classified on other portals as management positions, are not listed on Experteer.

What is so special about the Experteer job search?

  • It is extremely precise: Jobs can be filtered not only by function and industry, but also by career level, salary or desired content.
  • It brings transparency to the upscale job market: The “job source” indicates where a job was originally advertised.

Job search in the upscale job market: 3 quick tips

Be where the headhunters are

The most desirable jobs are not advertised publicly on job boards – they are exclusively in the portfolio of headhunters. And headhunters are looking for suitable candidates, where they expect a high matching and success rate – for example on closed career platforms with selected members, like Experteer.

Search specifically for jobs that match your salary expectations

So, you don’t want to experience any unpleasant surprises during the job interview? Then search for specific jobs that will give you an estimate of the salary potential.

Filter by Leadership Level

Don’t just search for the job title, e.g. “Senior Product Manager“. This often reveals little about the career stage. Use platforms where you can search specifically for the career level of your desired position – from specialist to managing director.

*According to research, Experteer has about 45% more leadership positions compared to Stepstone.

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