A smile can go a long way

How Feel-Good Management Can Lead Your Company to Success!

The “Feel-Good” management style is still relatively new in the working world, and is usually regarded as someone “exotic.” Feel-Good management is based on employee motivation, and creating a comfortable company culture. The goal is to inspire employees to come to work every morning with a smile – while also encouraging them to not only enjoy their work, but to complete their tasks more efficiently. As a team leader, it’s worth considering whether a “feel-good” manager would be a good fit for your team. We’ll show you what Feel-Good manager looks like, and why it might be worth hiring one for your office.

feel-good management

Happy employees translate into productivity, team spirit and overall company success

What Makes a “Feel Good” Manager?

A Feel-Good manager is usually responsible for handling personnel and employee-related issues, while taking on the responsibility of providing mentor-ship and support to the rest of the team. Regardless of what issues might be bothering an employee, a Feel Good manager is always available as a sparring partner, to work with the employee to find solutions for specific problems.

This means that they may not only discuss issues related to the workplace. Perhaps an employee is currently dealing with a long commute that’s making their workday more stressful; a Feel Good manager could work with this employee to help find an apartment closer to the office. Or if another colleague is struggling to get along with their office mate, the Feel Good manager is there to discuss tips on handling difficult team members in the workplace.

For this to work, employees must truly trust this manager, and understand that this job is much more than just to sit behind a desk all day. These managers are happy to grab a fork and dig into the team birthday cakes, or take employees out to lunch. They initiate and moderate regular meetings to ensure that all team members are on the same page, and put in effort to get to know each team member.

As a senior manager, that means less worries for you – but it also means that you can focus entirely on your responsibilities and tasks, knowing that your team is motivated and satisfied.

A New Idea Every Day

What about having a spontaneous meeting at the local ice cream shop? A quick change of scenery can sometimes work wonders. With a quick respite from the sometimes- draining dynamic of the workplace, employees can get a new burst of energy, and simultaneously strengthen the bond of their team.

As a senior manager, it’s in your best interest to show your employees how important their happiness is to you. And what better way to confirm this, than to implement a Feel-Good manager whose express duty is to take care of your employees?

Little things like providing fresh fruits and beverages are just the tip of the iceberg, but they still go a long way. Successful Feel-Good managers work with established strategies to stimulate employee motivation, and constantly work to develop new methods of facilitating successful cooperation. You and your team can really stand to benefit, as shown by numerous studies.

Why Feel-Good Management Increases Your Team’s Productivity

The relationship between the boss and her employees is the number one motivations factor in most offices. Flexible working times as well as a good relationship between colleagues when outside of the office as well as the provision of good coffee and free beverages in the office, and corporate health insurance coverage are important to may employees as well.

What to Look For When Hiring a Feel-Good Manager

Generally speaking, candidates with work experience in HR are perfect for a role like this – they have the right background when it comes to discreet or legal aspects of the job.

Candidates coming from more varied backgrounds are increasingly common, especially as Feel-Good managers mostly need to be equipped with a high capacity for empathy, communication skills, organization, and conflict management. Professionals with a background in psychology, or management, with a strong affinity for soft skills are also often hired for this position.

Not all employees are enthusiastic or open to “team-building activities.” Regardless, a Feel-Good manager should maintain a positive attitude, and focus on leading and motivating the team.

Some colleagues might be overly critical of a Feel-Good manager. But this should not deter the manager from doing her job. She should serve as the perfect embodiment of your corporate culture, and strive to ensure that all employees feel the same energy and work toward the same goals.

Which Companies Believe in Feel-Good Management?

One of the pioneers of feel-good management is internet titan Google. Even since 1998, shortly after the company’s founding, employees have enjoyed free meals. Countless playrooms also take care of fostering creative breaks for team members. The success of Google seems to prove their strategy right: Feel-Good management leads to happier employees, with a much higher capacity for success.

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