The Experteer mobile app: now on your your iPhones!

The increasing immersion of mobiles and smartphones in our lives is commonplace now. As a technology company delivering online experience to our consumers for the last many years, we have been thrilled to get onto the mobile curve to match our consumer expectations! The Experteer mobile app- a native career app for the iOS platform has been a great source of pride for the whole company, mainly because we see such great consumer traction!

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Today, we bring you Lena Stößer, the Head of Mobile in Experteer. We are most enthusiastic about the products and plans that Lena often shares internally. This is a great opportunity also for us to share these with our readers- to let you know of all the new excitement that you can expect in the near future!

Why is the mobile app an Experteer priority?

Lena: Mobiles are a part of our society, culture and our daily habits. Internet services are being accessed via smartphones and tablets, and over time this has continued to rise. You will find people stuck to their phones whether it is the subway or a corner off the street.

This of course does apply to the full range of career and job related Internet services as well. Our consumers want anytime, anywhere connectivity and access to bookmarked sites/jobs and also headhunter or recruiter contacts. Perhaps the fear of ‘missing’ out on a dream job opportunity plays on everyone’s mind.

Experteer wanted to be able to satisfy this user need and allow our users to get constant access to our recruitment portal. We would like to take advantage of the unique capabilities of the mobile channel as such, and offer our customers an even better service – a philosophy that’s been very important to us!

What are the key milestones in Experteer’s mobile journey so far?

Lena: The first major step for Experteer in the mobile domain came in December 2012 with the launch of our first mobile WebApp to enhance mobile browsing experience for our users. Since then, we have added multiple features, launched several native apps for iOS and Android ecosystems. Meanwhile, we have had a great user response!

About 30% of the traffic we generate now comes via the Mobile!  Personally, it has been a gratifying journey to have consumers latch on to our mobile products in a great fashion.

For instance, about 60 applications everyday (on the German version) get sent out via the mobile. It’s a feature, that we did not think would be so well received first. But here again, we clearly see how mobile our senior management professionals are!

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Recently, the Experteer mobile iOS app was launched. Personally, what has excited you about it so far?

Lena: It was a big step up for! So far our Experience in the native app scene in the iOS ecosystem has been limited just to the Experteer salary calculator app that we launched before. However, from the end of June, users can now use the most important Experteer functionalities directly from the native iOS app itself.

Once the app was ready for download on the Apple app store, it was  great for me personally. There were the usual questions like how the users would accept the app, and the hope that everything would go off smoothly. The relief and excitement with the app success has been tremendous. For me personally, the one thing that stands out is to see how active the consumers are on our iOS app.

For instance, we see that they clearly see more jobs and also bookmark more jobs compared to other channels. This is of course, very promising for us in the future, when we develop our mobile app products and services further.

So, what can we expect from the Experteer mobile team in the near future?

Lena: The launch of the Experteer mobile iOS app was really just the beginning. We are currently working on many enhancements to make this product more interesting. Next, we will launch ‘push notifications’, which means, if the users agree (it’s always an opt-in) – a notification can be sent to the smartphones if there’s a new job being found for the user, or if they have a headhunter/ recruiter contact.

This is great added value, basically meaning that we take care that our users are never missing any great opportunities or dream jobs. Additionally, our customers using Android smartphones, may also look forward to a native Android app later this year!

Thank you Lena! We are excited and look forward to these new milestones.

We urge you to try these new experiences. Let us know your feedback! We are convinced that this is the right way to go, and we will try our best to map the consumer needs closely.

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