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Knowledge is Power

Be Clever: How to Surpass the $200,000 Mark

As studies show, education is appealing. It also has the power to make you rich. Many of the most successful companies on the NYSE are managed by top-level executives with advanced degrees, however this is not the only way. How should you develop your skills and education so that your salary exceeds the $200,000 mark?…

Cultural Fit

Corporate Culture Fairy Tales

In the application process many companies describe their culture in the most dazzling ways. For new employees, however, a rude awakening often follows. Have you embellished your company culture before? Best not to again, as this could have serious consequences. After only two months on the job, say goodbye to the new sales manager. What…

Why work must also be boring

The Allure of the “Challenge”

Everyone is looking to be challenged in their job, right? Otherwise it would quickly get boring. On the other hand, imagine a pilot for whom a landing would be a challenge… How do we deal with a concept that is ubiquitous in the working world and is used more frequently than any other to describe…

What Leaders Should Know

The Secret to a Successful Stint Abroad

Champagne in France or beer in Bavaria? When working abroad you will discover new perspectives, but be prepared – it isn’t automatically the case that upon return you’ll be met with a promotion. The careers of successful specialists and executives nowadays increasingly include an international chapter. But when does a stay abroad make sense? And…


Age is an Asset! 3 Inspirational Tips for Managers Over 50

They are experienced, they are successful, they are established: Many managers over 50 decide to take their careers into the fast lane with a change of position, and rightly so. Top headhunters are increasingly looking for executives with experience, so time to focus the spotlight on your competence – and take it into overdrive. Differing…

Embarrassing Office Situations

“Is this your Application in the Printer?!”

Some things are best kept private – recall Donald Trump’s infamous “locker room talk”? When situations like this arise they can be damaging to your reputation, so it’s best to be extra diligent in keeping your private affairs private. This principle also holds in business settings, especially when you’re trying to make your next career…

Consulting Career

Successful DNA Decoded: The 10 Skills Needed by Consultants

In consulting you can be promoted faster and earn much more than in most other industries, however not everyone makes the cut in the exclusive consultant ranks. In order to be successful there are some skills you have to bring to the table. A steep learning curve, international opportunities and a spectacular salary: the consulting…

Successful Executives

Advancing your career without those long office hours

We’ve all heard the saying, “hard work pays off”, but then why is it that certain people seem to advance quicker than others, without putting in any extra effort? The answer to this question may be both surprising and inspiring… Common Career Myths: Success depends solely on hard work, dedication and clever planning, right? Wrong….