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Why work must also be boring

The Allure of the “Challenge”

Everyone is looking to be challenged in their job, right? Otherwise it would quickly get boring. On the other hand, imagine a pilot for whom a landing would be a challenge… How do we deal with a concept that is ubiquitous in the working world and is used more frequently than any other to describe…

Father’s Day

Thank you Dad!

The day you were born, your father’s world changed. From one moment to the next, everything was different: the feelings he felt, the responsibilities he carried, the way he looked at life! Stop the rush, stop the stress for just one short minute – watch the story. Say ‘Thank you, Dad’

business buzzwords
Reacting “Agile” to Office Cliches

Business Buzzwords We’re All Sick of Hearing

Managers love their buzzwords. But by including these little cliches, the actual message is often diluted. It could be different – communicating clearly and directly, without falling back on space-filling buzzwords, isn’t so difficult. At the yearly shareholders meeting for a major corporation, whispers and murmurs fill a giant auditorium, and anticipation grows with every minute….


Brexit is a Blessing for India’s Talent Pool

The United Kingdom may have forfeited its negotiating clout at home and within Europe with the June 23rd referendum, but Britain’s position may prove beneficial for India. British Prime Minister Theresa May is attending the India-UK tech summit with India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in hopes of striking a trade agreement. After all, the Leave…


4 Inspirational Speakers from herCAREER Munich 2016

On October 13th and 14th, Experteer attended the second herCAREER conference in Munich. For two days, women from every corner of Germany circulated, networked, and discussed the most important obstacles that members of the “fairer sex” encounter in the workplace every day. The 4,000+ attendees were invited to explore exhibition booths from more than 190…

childhood dream 10 years dreamer or visionary

Dreamer or Visionary – Who Are You?

“Dreamer.” Oftentimes, this word is used to describe people who are out of touch. But consider for a moment what would happen, if no one were to dream anymore – where would we be then? Dreams help create expectations for the future, they open up new horizons, ideas and technologies. Companies that dream are oftentimes…