Experteer experiences- presenting the new look!

Do you know this feeling: In the morning just before heading to office, you catch a glimpse of you in the mirror and suddenly you feel as if something needs to change. This idea captures your imagination and you get convinced that your look needs a makeover. You’ve been thinking through plenty new ideas at this point, including, a collage of interesting new hairstyles and styling compiled by scouring the Internet for hours or even via trained professionals.

You get excited by the new prospects and as a new person get a sense of pure immense happiness, even if, at first it’s just imagination. And then the day arrives. You are excited, driven and eager to get to your long awaited meeting with the stylist who is about to give you a new look to remember forever. Gone are the days of routine.

A fresh interesting idea is on the table. The results are overwhelming. You have never felt better. Experteer experiences in the past few weeks have not been far from this situation…

This is something we’ve been working on for the last 12 months or so. On Tuesday 28.10.2014, it was all done: The new look of Experteer was launched to all our International candidates! We would like to be completely honest here and let you know that we have been really proud of what has been achieved with this brand new change!

Following the rebranding that first occured in our home country- Germany, Experteer’s International Homepages, landing pages, display banners all have been relaunched in a new stylized format. This has been done in cooperation with an agency- Webguerillas, experts in media design, and the results are a beauty!

Dr. Christian Göttsch, CEO and founder of Experteer earlier explained, “We have developed over the past eight years into a premium career service for senior management jobs starting from $100,000 and over five million senior professionals use Experteer’s career platform now. This new look follows the consistent development of our brand identity”.

The Experteer brand aims at creating a tangible emotion connect with its members through this new identity. This is carried forward by the protagonists (as seen on the homepage) who represent senior executives in today’s world ready to take their career into their own hands and creating their own career paths.

Ares Georgoulas, COO of Webguerillas explained the approach further, “No cuts, a direct approach and a mesmerizing display- combined with unseen and striking performances that speak to the target audience directly, inducing them to take their careers in their own hands”, as is the case in the contemporary world.

A special camera technique that generates the optical effect has been employed, focusing on the one important thing in the foreground- the force pushing you towards your next career step. This is the so called “vertigo effect” as seen in Hitchcock movies.

The German language TV-Spot and the videos are also available in our You-Tube-Channel.

We can totally confirm with absolute conviction that, a change in your looks and ideas, whether it is about a new haircut, or a new hobby, or a switch to the new vegan trend, brings freshness and excitement in your life, because you deserve more.

Awaiting your feedback, please write to us and tell us how you feel :)!

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