Experteer at work: and running the field

Being headquartered in the heart of Munich, and in a country in the heart of Europe, means, two things: a) Experteer at work is phenomenal in terms of the work environment (please come visit us you won’t disagree); b) In spite of the Bier or Oktoberfest associations, ‘unfit’ Germans (including internationals that live here) are not the most common site. The sheer beauty of the European landscape, the Alps, and the greens in and around Munich, leave you with absolutely no reason to not take up outdoor activities. Experteer employees are no exception here, although, it is safe to say that, going by our excitement and enthusiasm, we were pretty much running the field :).

Accelerate your career with Experteer

Just this last week, 22 of our motivated Experteer colleagues gathered to take part in the famous (what’s not to believe, it’s Munich!) yearly running event B2RUN (Business 2 run). Excited and equipped with Experteer branded T-shirts runners from all departments did very well and had a whole lot of fun.

In the event there were about 30K people who ran for a distance of a little over 6 Kms. From Experteer, we are also glad to report that, we had representation from across

The team was convinced that they needed to push their efforts. This year, we queued up early and therefore had a great staring position which helped a lot to achieve good run times. We’ve been excited and looking forward to this run through the year. The atmosphere as always was brilliant – from beginning to the end.

The most exciting bit about running in the Olympic Stadion in Munich – is when you see the big digital clock running and push yourself to strive for an even better timing. Straight afterwards, all us Experteer runners enjoyed healthy snacks from the organizers including: free water (you go try getting this free in a German restaurant :P), bananas, apples, yoghurts and the most important, of course: non-alcoholic Weißbier :).

On the way out, we all also got an official medal of a ‘Finisher’!

We already know the business impact of ‘sports’ on us. We’re glad our fun group is able to create fun experiences because that gets them perfectly in shape to work on complex consumer issues. After all, happy employees make work fun, in turn giving us happy consumers, allowing Experteer to really run the field! 🙂

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