Professionals in executive jobs: How can you be a great emotional influence?

We continue to talk about main leadership challenges executive recruiters and people in managerial jobs face. Leading in a manner that we are able to maintain relationships, while also being able to be effective is often times a challenge, for people in senior executive jobs. Achieving the balance is something many people in executive jobs struggle with.

Steve Gutzler Leadership for manager jobs

Leadership guru Steve Gutzler shared some of his insights on ‘emotional leadership’ with us here, and we are glad to present the thoughts Steve has with all of you!

Inspiration for people in Executive jobs: Emotional Leadership- by Steve Gutzler

I was recently privileged to be invited by a close friend to a Seahawk game. We were taken in style by a town car with a distinguished driver. My friend John greeted me with an enthusiastic smile and contagious attitude… “It’s going to be great Steve!” I couldn’t help but to “jump on” the good feelings and be swept in with the fun awaiting us.

How easily we catch a leader’s emotional state, has to do with how expressively their faces, voices, and gestures convey their feelings.

It’s not just Seahawk games ~it’s the game of leadership. The greater a leader’s skills at transmitting emotions, the more forcefully the emotions will spread.


  • People pay close attention to a leader; even subtle expressions of emotions can have a big impact.
  • How well you express your enthusiasm ~ the more readily others feel that some contagious passion.

Leadership is a skill, a craft that is learned. Leaders who display the right emotional leadership become magnets; people naturally gravitate to them. When you think about the leaders with whom people most want to work in organizations, they probably have the ability to exude upbeat feelings.

Research has proven it: optimistic, enthusiastic leaders more easily retain their people and build effective teams.

How can you display the right kind of emotional exchange today? How can you be a great emotional influence this week?

Thank you Steve for leaving us with these questions! What a great way to start the week inspired so! It is pertinent that each of us, especially personnel in senior management and executive jobs and positions, are inspired to find their own Vantage Point!

About Steve Gutzler:

steve gutzler management jobsSteve Gutzler – President, Leadership Quest: Having coached and trained CEOs, Presidents, and leading entrepreneurs, Steve’s insights have garnered a reputation around the world as an authority on leadership/transformation, helping leaders develop leaders to multiply growth, leading change in turbulent times, and Emotional Intelligence for extraordinary leaders. Steve’s passion and authentic style for raising more effective leaders is achieved by his unique gift of connecting to the audience on an individual level. Steve has a world-class list of clients including, Microsoft, Starbucks, Boeing, Cisco, Starwood Corporation, the U.S. Social Security Administration, and entrepreneurs around the country

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