Employee advice to senior management: have fun!

At heart, Experteer is a small international start up brimming with life and all the fun you can imagine in an online company that thrives on innovating. We started off as a first mover in a space we almost created on our own in the home market in Germany and now it’s exciting to see so many new players trying to get close to us. It pushes us to do better- so really, we will be the first ones to tell you that competition helps innovation.

Employees on work culture

Apart from focusing on our product as such, we also see it as a must-have, that like any other innovation centric company, we need to be able to attract and retain our best talent. We are also a company that enjoys social listening. We like to know what our consumers and saying. We also try and see what our innovators (or employees) are saying.

It was interesting to find this most fun fact on Glassdoor. We got a total of 3 reviews on this platform and about 14 on Kununu, Xing company. The reviews in general are quite positive- and for that we’re really happy. On Kununu we got a high 4.2 on 5 as an employer, which is definitely on the higher side compared to other online companies.

But clearly, for a small company wanting to be constantly agile, we can’t be smug about it. We tried to read through further to see all the things we could improve on, and came across this one again on Glassdoor, which was quite, stark.

“Company not reliable, business model not economically sustainable”
Anonymous Employee (Former Employee)
Pros – International environment with international colleagues
nice central location
Cons – Business model not sustainable
company changed business model while playing
no competitive advantages vs other players
weak value proposition and legal issues in most markets
Advice to Senior Management – enjoy
No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I’m not optimistic about the outlook for this company

We are totally sorry to hear that someone internal thought we are not economically sustainable, even after our great showing in every town hall and all the rather high numbers we have shared. Of course we’re not publicly listed, so don’t want to brag about with big numbers, but let’s just say, as a business we’ve been running for 7 years, and sustainably at that.

We respect the view fully. An idea can’t find traction everywhere, fair. Indeed we are finding a niche, not a nation. Though, needless to say our niche is also like our fun nation being 5 million+ strong now :). We are trying our best to increase the tribe and also keep honing our positioning against competition. So, yes, thanks for pushing us on it- always good to have someone being ambitious about us, don’t you think?

Finding a work culture

Seth Godin’s master class via

However, there was one aspect that was even more fun. The advice to the senior management has been- to have fun. We tried to implement this, as soon as we could. Thank you, anonymous. You push us to do better, we wish you well! 🙂

Work is fun

That’s Jochen, a director in our Munich office on his everyday meditation.

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