The most wonderful time of the year…

Holiday Etiquette in the Office

This is the soppy time of the year when you have the chance to let people in your life know how important they are to you: family, of course, friends, for sure and … office colleagues? Yes of course for networking and then the next senior position or promotion. OK, also so that you can breathe in good office air. Earlier this year we already shared the reasons on why paying attention to the workplace relationships can in fact help you improve your productivity and perceptions.

Celebrate With Your Coworkers While Maintaining Your Professionalism

The holiday season is a God sent opportunity to invest in some goodness. People in your office should get your attention considering just how many hours you spend at office. Christmas Etiquette in the office is clearly a requisite. Whether it is about sending a card, offering a gift, or just engaging in a conversation at the office Christmas party, your manners must be impeccable. You need to appear personable and not be boorish.

Office Christmas Card Etiquette

Are you close enough to give cards? Or is this going to be awkward? No matter if it’s your colleague or your boss who is the recipient, ensure that you buy quality and tasteful cards. Funny messages may be accepted, especially if they are related to situations at work. But again this depends on how well do you know the person in question.

Make an effort and sign the cards personally, adds a nice touch. A major mistake you want to avoid is wishing ‘Merry Christmas!’ to a person celebrating Hanukkah – get informed upon the recipient’s traditions first. And if you are caught in an awkward situation, just say you’re more about sharing the love than being very traditional. Don’t shy away from apologizing if needed.

Secret Santa Office Etiquette

In case you are one of the Secret Santas at your office this year, don’t take advantage of the anonymity status. Stay away from rude, tasteless or intimate gifts. Instead, try to focus on the person’s needs or interests and offer him/her something that can be used, or at least appreciated.

Humorous presents are welcomed, as long as within the borders of common sense. As far as the budget is concerned, don’t exaggerate. The value of your gift lies in its meaning, and not in its receipt.

Office Christmas Party Etiquette

Before getting excited about the free bar- read our guide on tasteful drinking and alcohol parties in general. Take a moment and think of other ways you can benefit from an office Christmas party.

It is a networking extravaganza. You can potentially interact with colleagues you don’t directly work with. Expanding your network can give you a better idea of the company culture and help you integrate further in the environment. Mingling and talking to a variety of people will show your bosses that you are adapting easily and you feel at ease in social contexts.

Nevertheless, knowing when to draw the line is the ‘No. 1’ rule of office Christmas parties. Indulge in conversation, but don’t let it become too personal; have a drink, but don’t order the whole beer barrel; chat with your boss, but don’t start negotiating on your paycheck. Draw boundaries and know when to draw them.

You may not spend Christmas Eve with people at the office, but it is them you will be working with throughout the whole next year. So why not be a manager who can socialize with style?

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