How to Choose the Right Job Offer – for You!

In today’s global market, senior executives can find themselves being courted by companies all over the world. While this may seem like an ideal situation for senior candidates, it is important to know how to choose the right job offer if you have multiple companies vying for your attention. What factors should you consider, and how do you approach interviews with different companies?

How to choose the right job offer when multiple offers are on the table

Figure out what you want out of your career

Even when responsibilities are similar, your experience in your new position will differ depending on the offer you ultimately choose. Take time to think about the skills you will develop in each particular role and why they will be beneficial to you in both the short and long term.

Also consider what skills you already have, what challenges could bring out new skills, and which position will provide the greatest challenge while simultaneously giving you the greatest use of existing skills.

Factor in the size and the culture of the companies in question

You want to feel comfortable with the position you take, so be aware of the type of setting you want to work in.

Do you work best in small companies with close-knit teams, or do you prefer bigger companies with more distance between senior executives and other members of the various teams?

Consider who fails and who succeeds in each of the positions available to you-and why

Knowing what you want out of a role is one thing, but you also need to understand why people have or have not succeeded in a particular position at any given company.

Figuring this out will help you narrow your focus on the offer that best suits your strengths, abilities, and personal career goals.

Find information about how each company treats its senior management

In addition to knowing about the size of a company, you also want to determine how the company treats the people who work for it-both at a senior executive level as well as at the lower levels in the company.

Remember, you don’t just need to find a new position that suits you, you also need to find a company that suits you.

The Interview Process

Of course, everything ultimately hinges on having a successful job interview. If you have multiple offers on the table, how do you approach the interview process?

First and foremost, treat each interview as if it were your only interview. Prepare for each one by making sure you can handle classic job interview questions for senior management as well as standard interview questions.

It also makes sense to understand the ins and outs of the interviewer’s mind to better prepare yourself for their questions. No matter how many job interviews you have lined up, having this level of preparation for each one gives senior candidates a better chance of receiving multiple offers.

If you haven’t been given a solid offer from one company, do not mention the possibility of an offer from a different company. No business wants to feel like it’s your back-up, so keep this information to yourself.

Once you have an offer from one company, you’ll generally only have a short amount of time to give them a final answer. At this point, it is fine to inform other companies that you are considering your options. Try to get a better deal for yourself by letting them know what your first offer includes and let them know your time constraints. Ultimately, choose the right job offer that furthers your career goals the most.

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