Open letter to those seeking CFO jobs and aiming for top slots

Dear CFO jobs seeker ,

It is August: With the whole of Europe in holidays these days, your own beach holiday may be all that you’re thinking of. Although, we would love to bring your attention back towards the executive job search which will gain pace soon, as kids get back to school and senior managers head back to offices. While this pace picks up, why not get a competitive edge against all the other employment recruiters ?

The process of seeking CFO jobs or in fact any of these executive level positions has its catches, so we recommend, getting back to pen and paper, and drafting a strategy. After all, these positions will come with you being able to do just that. Additionally, considering your love for numbers (we know you well, future CFO), we will start with creating a check list with things you should and shouldn’t do.

Checklist for seeking CFO jobs: the DOs

Be selective! Take your time in setting your targets. If you are determined to change the company, you need to gain knowledge on the potential employer and assess the quality of their business environment. Your skills and expertise are valuable and the last thing you want to do is undersell yourself. What a tragedy that would be! And as a person well versed with numbers, future CFO jobs need to be in places

Get a good start! The cliche is ‘first impressions last forever’ and we all realize that it is indeed true. Make a good impression by first of all applying for a job you are qualified for. Executive and CFO jobs are most of the times assigned to candidates who have significant experience and are experts in a given field. Be realistic and apply for a position to which you are convinced you fit in.

Your career track should speak for itself as well. If you have spent the last 5 years in HR, getting here may be a bit more tough, although, if you are a magician with numbers- how about a presentation that goes with your application, telling your dream employer how you could upturn their situation! A bit of homework, but then these are dream CFO jobs, right?

Review your CV! In addition to creating a CV focused on the targeted position, you need to ensure that it reflects your professional image. Use power words and define yourself primarily as an ‘achiever’, rather than a ‘doer’. Executives are seen as visionaries and their role is to engage people around them in striving for success. Demonstrate you are that person! Take charge, put in all the dazzling numbers, show how you have changed the financial landscape of your current company.

CFO jobs

Checklist for seeking CFO jobs: the DON’Ts

Neglect your network. Especially at this time of the year your networking opportunities increase. It’s now that you can re-establish connection with latent contacts. Although it is not perhaps advisable to openly inform them about your ongoing job search, simply sending them warm greetings may generate results in the future – be discrete.

As for the active contacts in your network, remember that the answer for a question you don’t ask is always ‘no’. So don’t be afraid to speak up and announce your holiday resolution- especially to your closest executive headhunters (hopefully you have been maintaining good connections).

Forget to clean up your social profiles. Just as your CV is supposed to reflect your professional image, your online social profiles must do the same. Put effort in achieving and maintaining and immaculate online presence. Everything that is posted on the web should say nothing more and nothing less than ‘this candidate is executive material’.

Underestimate executive headhunters’ power. Creating bonds with headhunters and employment recruiters is an important stage in your executive job search process.

The best way to approach this type of relation is by keeping it simple and not overwhelming executive recruiters with data on how good you are (or numbers in your case, Mr./Ms. CFO). Send them your recommendations and certificates only when they request such documents.  Also, it doesn’t harm dropping a quick ‘hello’ from time to time to reinforce your presence and interest.

That being said, we have no doubts you’re getting all those fancy CFO jobs !

Your Executive Search partner,

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