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Situational Interviews – The Best Way to Find The Right Fit

Lou Adler, the CEO of The Adler Group, has talked about how interviewers can cut to the chase and determine whether or not a candidate is the right fit for an open senior management position. Mr. Adler proposes a single question as the basis for all other lines of questioning: to date, what has been…

what kind of professional are you

What Kind of Professional Are You? Take This Quiz

Professionally speaking – are you where you want to be? Are you satisfied with your progress? In the last year, two years, five years… have you achieved everything you hoped you would? Success can be defined in many ways – it’s not always linear, but it is characterized by perseverance. The habits you’ve developed throughout…


Is The Cover Letter Dead?

According to a new survey by Jobvite, a company that produces recruiting software, the majority of recruiters and headhunters don’t consider the cover letter to be an important factor when deciding whom to recruit for senior executive and management positions. Is the cover letter dead? And if so, what can you do to replace this…


Major League Leadership with Dr. Howard Fero

What do a 15-million-dollar baseball player, a rookie, a new hire, or a star performer all have in common? All of them need to have strong managers who will not only hold them accountable for what they need to do, but empower them to do even more. In Lead Me Out to the Ballgame: Stories…

Rise of Digital Nomads
The Rise of Digital Nomads

4 HR Risks and Opportunities in the Rise of Digital Nomads

The digital nomad movement is very much on the rise throughout the world. Rather than planting roots in a city or town and working for a company nearby, increasing numbers of people are choosing to travel the world but work at the same time. They are essentially self-employed, but they can work for the same…

tips for answering common interview questions

Tips on Answering 5 Common Interview Questions

So you’re through to the interview stage. Having presented to many directors and board members over the years, a meeting to discuss a career opportunity shouldn’t feel daunting. However, even the most self-assured executive can feel a degree of apprehension when facing something outside their immediate control. Not knowing what will be asked could be…

benefits of workplace sabbaticals

The Benefits of Workplace Sabbaticals

A working life is long. The average professional puts in at least 40 labor years before retirement, and the only real down-time is a few weeks of annual holiday. It’s no wonder, then, that stress and burnout are among the biggest problems for high-achieving workers. What if you could take an extended break from the…

maintaining your Credibility in the Workplace

Maintaining Your Credibility in the Workplace

It’s been a long race. From entering into the job market, to building a team that strives to accomplish your biggest goals for the company, you’ve grabbed opportunities as and when they come. However, the race isn’t over just yet. There’s a lot more that you need to clinch, and a lot more you still need to prove. For…

CV Mistakes

Are You Committing These Cringeworthy CV Mistakes? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ever since the global financial crisis of 2008, unemployment levels have grown in even the world’s largest economies, leading to a highly competitive job market for anyone trying to find work. Every day, employers are inundated with résumés from applicants, and sifting through all of these is a time-consuming process. Ayers, an Australian payroll and…

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