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The 6 Second Resume Rule is A Myth! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have You Heard of the 6 Second Resume Rule? Our friends at Resume Genius offered readers the chance to test a popular theory in the recruitment world: Do recruiters really only need 6 seconds to judge if a resume is trash or treasure? (Take a shot – try to spot the differences between the best and the…

Secret Formula for Success

The Secret Formula for Success: Train Yourself to Succeed

The term “success” comes from the verb “to succeed,” and it means the accomplishment of self-determined goals. Success is achieved through various means. Sometimes the process takes a while, before one actually succeeds. If you’re feeling stagnant, it’s worth giving your career a little boost. Click on ALLOW button to have access to more exciting…

brain teasers in interviews

Quick on Your Feet – How to Answer Brain Teasers in Interviews

Interviews always follow the same routine pattern: a hiring manager will ask you questions about your career, your skills, and your qualifications. Besides these classic “getting-to-know-you” questions, the interviewer might also ask you some bizarre questions, things like “How many lightbulbs are there in London?” Click on ALLOW button to have access to more exciting…

the argument against salary negotiations

The Argument Against Salary Negotiations

In a recent trend, businesses have begun to ban salary negotiations and are opting instead for across-the-board salary raises. There are several reasons for this new trend, according to Business Insider. Some of the reasons include combating gender inequality in the workplace as well as increasing diversity. Though at first glance it might seem odd…

What type of negotiator are you?

Top 25 Interview Tips: How to Seal the Deal With Your Next Company

Interviews can be tricky for even the most experienced senior manager. In fact, there are numerous studies and articles with useful career tips. Know both the do’s and the don’ts of how to navigate your next job interview; many headhunters provide insights into both the interview and application process. Here we provide you with the…

How to choose the right job offer when multiple offers are on the table

How to Choose the Right Job Offer – for You!

In today’s global market, senior executives can find themselves being courted by companies all over the world. While this may seem like an ideal situation for senior candidates, it is important to know how to choose the right job offer if you have multiple companies vying for your attention. What factors should you consider, and…

personality tests as hiring tools

Personality Tests as Hiring Tools: The Newest Trend in HR

Are you ready to Take a Personality Test? Picture this: Sara submits her CV to Management Consulting, Inc. and impresses hiring managers with her outstanding qualifications and experience. She is invited to a round of interviews, and meets with several managers and an HR representative. They determine she’s a perfect fit for the job and…

Use These 8 Tools to Improve Your Skillset

Hard Facts about Soft Skills: 8 Tools to Improve Your Skillset

In his book The Coaching Manager: Developing Top Talent in Business, Joseph Weintraub talks about the need to constantly look for chances to improve ourselves and how education is beneficial to management executives. It goes without saying that managers need to continually hone and enhance their soft skills, but where exactly can you improve your…

The Pygmalion Effect

The Pygmalion Effect: Motivating Your Team Toward Greater Success

The expectations we set for team members, it would seem, determine to a great extent their ability to fulfill those expectations. This Harvard Business Review article focuses on what is called the Pygmalion Effect, a term coined in a study conducted in the 1960s. In essence, the Pygmalion Effect highlights the self-fulfilling nature of expectations,…

Optimize Your Work Environment

Optimize Your Work Environment to Unlock Your Team’s Potential

Say goodbye to the boring office – optimize your work environment and see productivity rise! Several studies have been completed on the ways to optimize your work environment and the benefits of optimization. Studies focus on topics ranging from identifying with the place you work, the type of furniture in the office to the use of…

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