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6 Things to Research Before an Interview

6 Things to Research Before an Interview

Do you think that checking out a company’s website is enough to be knowledgeable about a company before heading to your next interview? You might be surprised, but if you really want to WOW an employer, you need to work much harder. These are the six things to research before an interview in order to…

What does your desk say about you

Consider Your Personal Brand – Are You Online or On the Line?

Can you look me in the eye and tell me the ONE thing you are best at? Difficult, no? Why don’t you ask your colleagues? The people you work with know all about it. Personal branding is a matter of knowing how to sell yourself. It all comes down to confidence, after all. Of course,…

perfect resume

The Perfect Job Application

A perfect resume, the right qualifications and impressive experience are often not enough for senior managers to stand out from the crowd. With these tips you can increase your chances of landing an interview. Human Resources manager for Google, Laszlo Bock, has identified a formula for success when it comes to job applications: In as few words as possible,…

Olympic How Competitive Thinking Can Help Your Company Succeed

Olympic Special: How Competitive Thinking Can Help Your Company Succeed

The results of the last European Championship show us that when an elite athlete and excellent soccer player like Cristiano Ronaldo gives everything in order for his team to win, it is not only a sign of true sportsmanship – but the mark of what makes a good team truly great. The team sports at the Olympic…

Tips to remember people

Essential Tips to Remember People

Anyone who attends a lot of networking events is bound to meet a lot of new people. These encounters often go a little something like this – you are introduced to someone new – fifteen minutes later they are standing in front of you again and you are left racking your brain, trying for the…

successful people network

This Is How the Top 20 Percent of the Most Successful People Network

Networking envy is ugly and real. How is it that you blow through two hours a day adding articles to LinkedIn and updating your Twitter feed, and you still haven’t reached those magic numbers: 500+ connections, 50K followers? A growing body of research on effective networking shows that rather than trying to outdo everyone else in engineering…

How to transform failure into success

How to Transform Failure into Success

Eliminate the fear of failure There is nothing more human than making mistakes. Despite that, in our eagerness for success we do our best to hide our failures and short comings from others. A movement to bring this behaviour to an end is growing in the United States. It is called Fail Forward and calls for managers to…

Working From Home - Is it For You?

Working from Home: Freedom or Downfall

Coming up with new campaign concepts in between espressos at the cafe on the corner? Perched in your favorite chair, in a comfortable outfit with your computer in front of you, while making headway in your career? For many senior managers and executives, working from home is a dream come true. However, the freedom that comes with setting up…

Risk for Executive Burnout

Are You at Risk for Executive Burnout?

Burnout is a word we all dread. Scarily enough, more and more professionals are suffering from it every year. Stress and responsibility, combined with a lack of downtime, are the main culprits -in short, all the things that make up the life of an executive. Click on ALLOW button to have access to more exciting career news!

tips for smarter networking

Smarter Tips for Smarter Networking

Smarter networking is crucial to success, not only from an individual perspective, but also when it comes to the growth of your company or organisation. It is essential for executives and managers to carefully consider who they should include in their networks and how to build mutually beneficial relationships with these key contacts. The benefits…

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