Career Tips

Focus on Goals

Got Career Grit?

The concept of “grit” is getting a lot of attention. While it is nothing new, grit – defined as perseverance and passion for achieving long-term goals — is being studied closely now. Why? Because experts think it is one of the best predictors of success.

The Human Advantage

Improve Soft Skills to Defend Your Job against Robots

It will not happen overnight, but in the next few decades, artificial intelligence tools are likely to take over a lot of the tasks you do at work. That does not have to mean unemployment, though. Communication and creative skills are fast becoming game-changers for professionals who want to succeed and lead. Improve soft skills…

personal branding

Personal Branding: Managers, Give Your Career a Boost

Do you consider “personal branding” another useless buzzword? Then you’re just one of many working professionals who’s underestimated the power of this marketing tool. Branding can open so many doors in your life, personally and professionally, that might’ve been closed otherwise. Personal branding isn’t so different from classic branding. You can use it to increase your visibility, handle your reputation, or to build trust in your skills. You can actively influence the impression you leave on others. In other words, you can fight your way to a higher and better position. Today, we’ll show you how to use modern media more effectively to become an expert in your field, and give your career a little push.

Tips for smooth-talking managers

Adapting Communication Styles for Every Situation

There are plenty of communication sins that take place at offices around the world, most of them forgivable. By appreciating the unique personalities of your staff, understanding your corporate culture, and educating yourself on a number of communication techniques, you can create a happier office environment and improve your company’s performance.

Career with Style The Perfect Business Outfit

Climbing the Corporate Ladder with Style: The Perfect Business Outfit

A canary-yellow suit, a Pucci-print tie, and crocodile-skin loafers? Who knows what kind of fashion sins your supervisors and colleagues may be hiding deep within their closets? Expressive fashion isn’t encouraged for most senior managers – except in more creative industries. Those who try to impress the CEO of a large company with a dapper velvet suit are setting themselves up for failure. But rather than overcompensating for a dull personality with loud colors and fabrics, you can use fashion to emphasize your competence and self-confidence. To help you climb the corporate ladder in style, we’ve got some tips for you. We’ve also brought the luxury and fashion experts from Maxwell Scott Bags on board to provide some more insights. Next time you peruse the Business Professional department at your favorite shop, keep these questions in mind. Don’t underestimate the power of good fashion: the perfect business outfit can help you to reach the next level of your career!