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illegal interview questions
Interview Questions for Executives

5 Super Sneaky Illegal Interview Questions

They say that you have to submit 100 job applications just to get one interview, so what happens when you finally land one? With any luck, you’ll be blowing them out of the water! Fast forward to the day of the interview, and it’s going great. You’re building rapport, crafting a strong narrative for your…

choose your inner circle
Solid Advice Matters

Leaders, Choose Your Inner Circle Wisely

It gets lonely at the top. Leaders of all stripes tend to rely on just a small group of people for advice when making decisions. Yet all too often, this team is full of head-nodders who do not provide honest input. How do you choose your inner circle the smart way?

why idiots get promoted
Tips for getting promoted

5 Reasons Why Idiots Get Promoted Instead Of You

In his explanation of power and ruling in relation to people, Plato’s infamous “Philosopher-King” idea goes something like this: Those who don’t deserve power will always make open bids to reach for it, usurp it, crave it and pursue it. Those who truly should be in power…are precisely those who will shy away from its…

what are you passionate about
Interview Questions for Executives

“What Are You Passionate About?” Master This Tough Interview Question (Part 1)

Over time, a more subtle and challenging question than “What is your biggest weakness?” has evolved:
“What are you passionate about?”
This may give a candidate pause, since the word “passion” seems to exclude an answer based on profit and loss statements. It steers the candidate in a more self-revelatory direction. It moves the interview toward what a substantial interview ought to be in the first place.

Building Better Bosses

Unusual Leadership Training Programs: Horses and VR Games

Most executive development programs take place in a training room. They involve lectures, role play, small group breakouts and case studies. But what happens when we disrupt the setting, and make learning physical and emotional instead of intellectual? We looked at a few unusual leadership training programs and learned how they provide unique insights into…

amazing company perks
Amazing Company Perks

Does Your Office Need a “Ministry of Fun?”

Most Amazing Company Perks

The best talent will always be richly rewarded. While companies traditionally lure and keep highly-qualified employees with generous salary and bonus packages, some are getting more creative with compensation. A number of today’s fastest-growing firms have introduced unusual ways to add more value to an employee’s work life beyond just a paycheck. Such fringe benefits help them stand out from the competition and win over the best job applicants. These amazing company perks serve other purposes, too – they improve work-life balance, reduce worker stress and increase productivity, inspire loyalty, and boost brand image. Take a look at some of the amazing company perks that the newest and most innovative extras organizations are offering.

Focus on Goals

Got Career Grit?

The concept of “grit” is getting a lot of intention. While it is nothing new, grit – defined as perseverance and passion for achieving long-term goals — is being studied closely now. Why? Because experts think it is one of the best predictors of success.