Career Tips

Reading Between the Lines

The Biggest Lie of HR Recruiters? “We’ll Be In Touch.”

Why do so many people hate politics? Is it the performance? Is it the candidates? Is it the awful and mildly uncreative advertisements? Actually, it’s the double-speak. The fact of the matter is that, today, the general public equates political double-speak with definite equivocation. A party with something to hide. A candidate who will renege…

is jobhopping a career killer
Time for a change.

Quit Today: Jobhopping Makes Candidates More Attractive.

If you’re paying attention to the epochal shift were sitting through right now, you’ll know that the so-called taboo on job hopping is exactly that: imaginary. At least, it is to anyone under 40 right now. In the last decade, Western and post-industrial countries have witnessed a large inception-like shift to knowledge economies and there’s…

early risers are more successful
Morning Glory

The Secret to Success is a 5 AM Wake-Up Call.

Early risers are more successful in the business world. Here’s why. „The early bird catches the worm.” This motto has been around in American top management as a success formula for years. Today this management style has spread to other corners of the world, and it’s becoming increasingly more accepted. Countless studies and numerous prominent…

Saying No at Work - How to Respectfully Decline

“No” is the Magic Word

Many people find it difficult to say no, however for senior managers and executives being able to effectively manage your resources and say no when you need to is a crucial ability. This is the key to staying on track with your goals, as well as looking after your health. People who say yes to…

get promoted faster
The Promotion You Deserve

Can You Get Promoted Faster? Yes. Here’s How.

Curious to know how long it takes the average professional to rise in the corporate ranks? So were we. We examined data from thousands of Experteer candidates and here is what we discovered. It takes just over two years in the U.S. and UK, on average, to rise from a specialist to a manager position….

managing relationships in the workplace

Managing Relationships in the Workplace

If you’re like 37% of employees, you’ve dated someone from work [CareerBuilder 2016]. When colleagues become a pair, private and professional lives suddenly mix. This can have negative consequences for both your career and your relationship. However if you approach it in the right manner, managing relationships in the workplace might not be so difficult,…

hostile work environment

5 Signs You’re Entering a Hostile Work Environment

From the moment you walked into that new office, you felt it – something is off. Low morale, strained communication, a general air of malaise… The atmosphere of a workplace is a huge factor in the success of its employees. Hopefully you’re able to identify whether this new position is a good fit – for your experience, for your personality, for your working style – before you accept an offer. Look for these indicators that you’re entering a hostile work environment and avoid sentencing yourself to several years of discontent at a new company.