Career Tips From a Headhunter: Do you want to find success?

Welcome to the new year! We do hope, you have had plenty of fun during Christmas but how about your resolutions for this new year? Have you thought about them yet? If you need advice on your management career or need a top recruiter to give you advice, we can help. Today we present career tips from a headhunter exclusively on how you can find success in the upcoming months.

Jorg Stegemann has previously given us valuable insights and an idea into the work of a headhunter. And if you are planning to move up to the next higher management level, then you should totally take these steps to heart.

Career tips from a headhunter: 7 Steps to find career success

Step 1 – Develop and discover your career plan:

Discuss a possible next step with your boss and develop an internal timeline for your career growth. Maybe there are vacancies or projects, that you are not aware of. The most obvious step (a vertical step up in the same department) is not necessarily the best.

A good manager will show you where you need to hone your skills. Point out where you can create value for your organization, give concrete examples where you have done this in the past.

Step 2 – Discover the right attitude:

You want to be tomorrow’s leader: a Manager (Director, Chief Executive or Pope) – then you already need to think and act that way. Whether you believe you are ready to be promoted personally is irrelevant here.

Your supervisor must believe it, because they will eventually decide. Present no problems but solutions to your management . Think and act like an entrepreneur. Position yourself for the next hierarchy level today- where you would like to be tomorrow.

Step 3 – Find a Mentor:

Your mentor should be high up in the hierarchy (far up potentially) compared to your direct supervisor, have a spotless reputation and probably someone who would stay long in the organization.

This personality has what it takes to take you under their wings, you will a) be sponsored when the wind blows through rough times and you b) will gain an information advantage, which increases your learning curve.

Step 4 – Develop a strong internal network:

Internal politics plays an important role in any company. To be alone is not the best way to make a career. A solid network is therefore always beneficial.

Do you work in the front office, so then you can exchange information from the Administration? If you are working in the back office, maintain a good relationship with colleagues at the front office.

Also good contacts or colleagues in other company units or in the say the headquarters (even in a different country) are important: Involve, inform, respect and get/give feedback.

Step 5 – Build a great working reputation:

It has a greater effect when others talk about your successes, than if you do it all by yourself. Make sure that your potential is recognized not only by your immediate supervisor, but also by highly placed people in your organization.

Your goal is that others speak positively about you in your business, they will listen when you have something to say and you are treated as a beacon of hope.

Step 6 – Build your followers:

If you are already at the executive level, support someone who can take over your job so that you are to able to perform new tasks tomorrow. If your success creates a problem in your present department, they will not disappear.

Step 7 – Do your homework:

Check your career plan once per quarter, if necessary with your mentor or boss. Where do you stand? If you are not on track, analyze why that is. If you can influence the reasons, please course correct.

Are the reasons outside of your control network, so then go back to point 1 and ask yourself the question whether you should change department or even the company.

What are you waiting for? Sweeten the gray autumn and winter with a new challenge and the find  career success. Use the career tips from a headhunter, whether you are Head of Sales or Senior Marketing Manager. We wish you much fun trying!

About  Jorg Stegemann:

Personalberater Jörg StegemannJorg Stegemann has been a headhunter since 2001. He is also a certified coach and business writer. He heads Kennedy Executive Search & Outplacement, a search firm with presence in Paris, Frankfurt and Prague. Jorg is writing for Forbes, BBC Capital and other media.

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