New opportunities

Do you regret anything in your career?

Why do we sometimes ignore opportunities that open up right under our noses? In this video we asked 8 managers if they have any regrets, in regard to their careers, and received surprisingly honest answers. One point of view we found particularly fascinating…

Not every career path is straightforward, not every decision feels right from the start – and that’s a good thing, says career counselor Martina Frahn. The realization that one learns from mistakes or detours – that they enrich their wealth of experience – is extremely important, according to Frahn. It is precisely these experiences that make you unique and thus an interesting candidate for a company. They prove that you can react flexibly to situations and have the courage to take calculable risks.

The most important thing is not to blindly pass opportunities, but to perceive them. Because it’s never too late for a great career.

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