Building a workplace values manifesto for your team

With workplaces becoming more collaborative, people are increasingly looking not just for jobs, but also for organizations whose values and culture align with their own.

Workplace values manifesto

As a manager, it is your decision on the working environment you wish to create – be it an authoritarian or a self-organizing working environment. And in order to do so, every leader should ask themselves these questions:

What are the core values you want in your team?

Core values are defined as behavior patterns that reflect who we are and how we treat others. It is important for a leader to know which values will create the most productive work environment.

How are you demonstrating these desired values?

The second question is about the implementation of these values in the work place and the approach to take to get others to practice these values top-down.

As answer to the first question, some of the common examples of workplace values are listed like Accountability; delivering quality; maintaining integrity; meeting deadlines; being a great team member; respecting company policy and rules etc.

But, with the Millennials generation in the workplace and the changing mores of work behaviors, it is imperative for the workplace to add some key values that are a little different from the older more known ones.

Most of these new values which are critical in the workplace today stem from the fact that a large number of today’s employees want to stamp their individuality on every aspect of their life. It is important for them to not play their part in the assembly line but to have their work impact the larger process. Job satisfaction no longer comes from pay-packages and bonuses but from creative autonomy, self-expression and inner validation.

Some of the new values that can be part of your Workplace Values Manifesto are enumerated below:

  1. Integration: There has always been a difference in the personal persona and the professional one. The modern Millennials choose to be themselves at work and at home with the same habits, modes of expression. Being ‘true to yourself’ is a part of the modern day workplace with things like formal dress codes, hierarchies are not preferred.
  2. Tolerance: Millennials desire to have variation in approach, style, and technique accepted without judgment and be evaluated based on merit. Rather than following what has been set in stone, they would like the independence to follow their way to reach their goals.
  3. Ownership: The desire for autonomy and accountability at work is at present a fundamental need. The older method of micro-management is considered passé. They would like to take complete credit for achievement and accountability for their failures.
  4. Creativity: One of the foremost needs for today’s generation is to be creatively engaged in and satisfied in their work-field. They desire to experiment and explore new and different techniques to benefit their organization. The focus is on innovation and creating quality experiences for the marketplace and themselves.
  5. Impact: For the modern Millennials having impact is a two-step process. Firstly, to be respected for what they are – their identity, thoughts and achievements. The second more macro point of view is to make the world a better place because of their actions.

How are you doing as a manager? What is your workplace values manifesto?

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