the best paid jobs in the us

If you’re looking for a bigger paycheck, check out these industries!

The Best Paid Jobs in the US

Are you gunning for a raise? Looking for a new job, with a juicier paycheck? Then get smart – a new industry means a different salary. As you begin your search, consider these positions – the best paid jobs in the US right now.

the best paid jobs in the us

If you’re looking for the best paying job in the United States, consider working for a holding company. According to Experteer salary data, candidates working for these mega-firms earn the most. Other high-ranking industries include Financial Services, Life Sciences, and Information Technology. Or consider Telecommunications, Retail, and Consulting. Engineers, members of the media, and professionals in the automotive manufacturing industry are also handsomely compensated.

Don’t forget: senior managers know that a significantly higher paycheck normally comes with significantly more responsibility, and stress. A study from Business Insider revealed which jobs in the US offered higher salaries, without the additional stress. The top ranking position belonged to Materials Scientists. If you’d like to earn a higher income with a low level of stress, consider switching to this industry. Similar positions on this list include mathematicians, economists, and university professors.

How do I secure a bigger paycheck?

Do you believe you’re underpaid? Switching to a new position is usually a safe and strategic move. With a career change, senior executives can successfully improve their chances for upward mobility, and their path to a higher salary. For senior managers and executives, new positions with a higher budget and more personal responsibilities are usually more exciting. When you take over more responsibilities, then a higher gross income is possible. A pay increase happens far less frequently within the same organization, so focus instead of switching to a similar position with a new company. If you plan on a complete change of industry, experience and contacts in the industry will have a major influence on salary expectations. Senior managers have a much better position in the negotiation process if they’re already experienced in a similar position, and even moreso if they’re not dependent on the job in question – so make sure to communicate this clearly to your potential new employers. Position yourself as an experienced executive in social and professional business networks. Your personal branding plays a huge role in deciding whether you’ll be taken seriously, and help to build a firm foundation for future salary.

Corporate or Specialist – Where Will I Earn More?

In the course of your career, most executives will find themselves facing an important question: Is this interesting and relevant position with a small company better, or should I take the offer from the larger corporation? Besides opportunities for promotions, other aspects play an important role when determining your salary. Headhunters often advise specialized executives that they can expect much better payment from larger companies. The size of the firm influences the salary prospects for any position – specifically for this reason, larger corporations might be very of more interest. For executive positions, the salary difference between small and large corporations can be up to 50 percent, according to headhunters. The most sought-after professions are waiting for applicants who take their careers seriously.

Negotiation Skills Count!

Before you speak to your superiors about your hopes of increasing your salary, it’s highly advisable to prepare yourself for the conversation. Be clear on what factors influence your salary, and use these to your advantage during the negotiation:

  • What are the demands in your position as a senior executive?
  • What trainings, qualifications, and skills do you bring to the position?
  • How big is your company?
  • In which industry is your company?
  • Where is your company located? Region? Country?

Senior executives have the power to determine if they’re paid a senior salary. Inform yourself on what the average salary is in your industry. Use the Experteer Salary Calculator to determine what the right pay scale is in your industry and region, and get in touch with your recruiting contacts.

The Best Paid Professions

The salary prospects for the most coveted jobs are often very promising. Experienced professionals are in high demand for specialized positions. If you’re motivated enough, a professional transition could offer an excellent increase in pay. The lack of educated experts and the high turnover rate create excellent conditions for senior executives. Use these tips, and recognize the potential for a salary increase through a change in position, or a salary negotiation. But keep in mind – the quest for a higher salary often requires much more effort, and drive from your side.

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