Avoid These 10 Job Hunting Mistakes! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Let’s face it – there are a million and one ways to look for jobs, and none of them guarantee success. There are also plenty of ways to completely ruin your chances of finding a new position, job hunting mistakes you may not have even thought of. So as you begin your journey into the job market again, do your best to keep these tips in mind.

Avoid the Masses

The most obvious way to start your job search is to open a new tab in your browser, and search for “senior manager positions.” Sure, it might be easy, but it’s certainly not very effective. Guess who else had the same idea? All 25,000 applicants and job seekers who want the same exact jobs as you.

Before you waste valuable time combing online job boards and company career pages, try to think a little more outside the box. For example, try a more exclusive site like Experteer, where you can use specific filters to drill down and find only the job postings that relate directly to your qualifications.

Or get in touch with a recruiter or headhunter, who will take your skills and goals into consideration while trying to find a position that thousands of others aren’t fighting for.

“I’ll Take Anything!”

Sure, you may be looking for a change of pace, but does that mean you have to settle for the first job that’ll hire you? Be discerning, not desperate. Instead of firing off your CV to anyone hiring a “manager,” be it Bear Stearns or Burger King, focus instead on jobs that truly address your strengths and skills. Take time to customize your CV and cover letter to highlight why each job would be a good fit, and you’ll be much happier in your new working environment.

Phone-a-Friend – Or Two

Unless you were fired from your last position for committing a truly offensive act, there’s no need to be shy within your inner circle about your search for a new employer. Sure, don’t grab a megaphone and announce your displeasure with your current employer – that never ends well. But let a few of your closest friends know that you’re on the hunt, and you might appreciate if they kept you in mind for any future job openings they may come across. Internal networking is valued by most corporations, and the next time that Bill hears his colleague mention the need for a senior account manager in his department, you might be the first name that comes to mind. Networking, people.

Avoid These 10 Job Hunting Mistakes!

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