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Upasna is the Co-Founder of a Content Marketing and Branding Startup, Brandanew. Upasna is currently a Content Marketing Consultant with Experteer and was the Founding Editor of Vantage Point and the architect for Experteer's Content Marketing initiatives in 2014-15. She has also worked with a Rocket Internet company on online content and branding. And before that in McKinsey & Co. for over 5 years focusing on online consumer behavior and social. She also has work experience in the NGO sector in the ICT4D domain. In between, she was in school for her MBA in International Marketing (Germany), M.S. in Tech Policy (U.K.) and B.S. in Electronics Engineering (India). Upasna has authored a book, several papers and been invited to speak in various conferences. At present, she enjoys working on fighting fears people have with digital content. She has been blogging on urban culture and how people alter with digital since 2003.

Preparing for success

5 Basic But Tricky Job Interview Questions for Senior Managers

Your CV has done the job: it got you the interview for that position you definitely want. A wise move now is to prepare in detail for the imminent discussion with the recruiter. So start with the basics: the common stuff asked as part of interview questions for senior managers. Thinking that they are simple questions with simple answers is generalizing it far too much.

Why Do Good Employees Leave
“I got an offer I couldn’t refuse!”

Why do good employees leave?

Employee retention is a key issue for senior management jobs, mainly because of the efficiency and productivity loses when senior talent is lost. About 65% of candidates are actively or passively always looking for jobs. This begs the key question: why do good employees leave? Many employers do not seem to be asking their ‘good employees’ what…

How to define your Value Proposition for Executive Career Success

How to Define Your Value Proposition for Executive Career Success

While being in senior management positions, it is inevitable that we tend to work expansively on projects and timelines that are short. This means, it is critical to define the value proposition of any project that we invest our time in. In a similar manner, to attract the attention of your boss or a headhunter for a coveted position that you may desire, it is critical to be able to define your professional value proposition. What do you bring to the table?