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Susanne Schlossbauer

Susanne Schloßbauer works as a Content & Communication Manager for Experteer, where she is in charge of the DACH countries. She has a Master’s degree in Media Culture and Media Management. In the course of her studies, she examined topics such as the New Media and the digitalization of the media landscape. Thereby, she developed a special interest in blogs. As part of her Master’s thesis she explored how attention can be generated on corporate blogs. Susanne has gathered experience in the fields of PR, online marketing, corporate communication as well as print and TV journalism. Apart from writing and communicating she is a passionate traveler, who appreciates the intercultural exchange. Susanne is convinced that it is essential for companies and employees to take alternate perspectives from time to time in order to maintain one’s ground regarding the advancing digitalization.

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The Best Paid Jobs in the US

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Why executives need the fortitude to bounce back in tough times.

On Resilience

While most of us carry the stress of work with us later into the night, worrying about our last heated discussion with the CEO, there are others who manage to avoid stress altogether – people who seem to be able to completely shut it out. They are resilient. Astrid Weidner knows a thing or two about…

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Help! My Boss is On Facebook!

There it is, the small, red notification on your Facebook page. Your boss has sent you a friend request on Facebook. What do you do? Panic? Accept the request and then meticulously customize all privacy settings? Ignore it? Or decline? Social media interaction with your superiors is a tricky sphere to negotiate. We spoke to…