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Margaret Quigley

Maggie Quigley studied journalism at the Newhouse School of Communications in Syracuse, NY. In 2014, she moved to Munich. Since then, she's worked in PR and marketing for firms like MSLGROUP Germany and SynerTrade GmbH. Maggie is currently working at Experteer, Europe's premiere career and recruiting service for senior talent. As the Communication and Content Manager, Maggie creates content, manages the social media accounts, translates, and oversees English texts for the Experteer platform, for the US, UK, and COM markets.

Declare Your Independence Quit with Class
Quit with Class

Declaring Independence from Tyrannical Management

America is a country where children are taught that they can succeed at anything they put their mind to. According to studies conducted by Gallup, that might not be the case- this particular study suggests that 82 percent of managers are unqualified for their jobs: “Everyone has talent in some areas, but few have the innate talent to…

to know your customer know yourself how diverse management can save your company

To Know Your Customer, Know Yourself – How Diverse Management Can Save Your Brand

Credit globalization, technology, or the adventurous nature of today’s employees (specifically the Millennials) – there’s no denying that the world is undergoing a huge change, and diversity is a bigger topic than ever before. Gone are the days of “localized” markets. Even small businesses can advertise, gain fans, ship their products and offer their services all over the world. In order to cater to a bigger audience than ever before, companies must adapt and strive to understand their customer base. Organizations cannot succeed with one uniform “employee type” – now is the time to round out your staff with team members from all over the world, with different beliefs and experiences. Some of the world’s most successful companies are making headlines with their newest executive hires. Don’t wait for your competitors to pass you by – find out how diverse management can save your brand.

can your employer go through your phone
Murky Waters

Sean Spicer Wants To Paw Through His Employee’s Phones – Could Your Boss Do The Same?

Sensitive information has been leaking from all over the White House, and Sean Spicer is pissed. These unauthorized leaks are sometimes laughable, like February’s bathrobe scandal, or more serious, like the recent allegations of the Trump administration’s ties to Russia. As a result, Spicer, President Trump’s press secretary, is cracking down on staff channeling information to…

advantages of nepotism
Who You Know

Nepotism Is Underrated

Nepotism has a bad rap. We’ve all been here: your company has a job opening… and you personally know someone with the right skill set. Do you take a chance and put the two together?  Why not?! This is the new company culture, where who you know really does matter. And if there has ever been a…