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It’s not uncommon for job seekers to make these assumptions

5 Biggest Misconceptions When Working with Headhunters

Headhunters are a great means to gain access to jobs or job seekers that may or may not be public. Their services also speed up the hiring process, which is important as companies must move swiftly to secure the best talent. For individuals, faster progress on the job hunt means a more secure career move. Before…

This Habit Will Destroy Your Work Life and Cost Your Company
The dangers of perfectionism

This Habit Will Destroy Your Work Life and Cost Your Company

Snapshot: Two kinds of perfectionism exists: Adaptive perfectionism allows a person to focus on internal striving, remain open to feedback, and know not to nitpick. Maladaptive perfectionism causes incredible anxiety and stems from a deep fear of failure. Those who struggle with perfectionism are costly to a workplace in terms of deadlines, time, and internal…

uber set up jeff jones to fail
Lethal Corporate Culture

Will Uber’s Leadership Become A Revolving Door?

Jeff Jones, the man hired to be President of Uber, resigns after only 6 months. Jones formerly worked as chief marketing officer at Target before leaping to head Uber’s marketing and operations. In a statement to Recode, Jones explained his abrupt departure, “It is now clear, however, that the beliefs and approach to leadership that…

ancient executives
They’ve been around the block

“Back in My Day”—What Older Executives Can Offer the Team

It’s no secret Millennials have been set loose on the work force. Since 2015, they are the largest generation making up the current work force, bringing with them flatter hierarchies and digital know-how. Therefore what can the set of older executives contribute to a more democratic organisational landscape and a digitised era? For one, they…

Downsizing is Hard
Your Downsizing Strategy

Downsizing is Hard, But It Doesn’t Have to Be

Amongst managers, the most intimidating process is letting an employee go due to company downsizing. Firing a disruptive employee is one thing, but letting employees go that are productive and reliable colleagues is entirely different consideration. Therefore managers need to approach such a situation with sensitivity and a clear process. Franco Gandolfi, Professor of Management…

Suit Up for The Ultimate Psychological Trick When Doing Salary Negotiations
A terrible joke might be the best way to increase your paycheck. Trust us.

Suit Up for The Ultimate Psychological Tip for Salary Negotiations

Seeing a low salary on an applicant’s resume is a cause for a potential employer to offer a candidate a lower salary than planned. Earlier this year, Massachusetts became the first state in the U.S. to ban inquiries about a candidate’s past salary. In psychology, it’s a widely-dispersed concept of when a person is exposed…