How to be an attractive potential employee for management jobs?

Have you received a call for an interview as a potential employee for management jobs? Do you visualize sitting in an interview, answering questions posed by a stranger feeling as if you are walking on a tightrope blindfolded? Are you thinking “What is it precisely that they want? What are they checking for or asking out of us? How will they make their minds to shortlist us or not deem us a fit for their organization?” It has crossed my mind for sure.

employee for management jobs

Knowing all the questions the interviewer will ask still won’t prepare you for knowing yourself. There are several experts online and in life who have several cliché platitudes to say like ‘Show an confident personality, display passion, enthusiasm and interest in the job as the interviewer is looking to connect with you as a person.” But does that answer satisfy you?

Having held several recruitment interviews for our team at my previous Firm, as well as talking to other senior HR personnel and eh, I have tried to put to put together these defining and desirable characteristics to make you as appealing as possible to potential employers.

We have heard about the list of desirable qualities like confidence, high energy, outgoing personality, technical expertise.

Here are some more desirable qualities for a potential employee for management jobs:


How much do you desire to work for that particular organization or a particular position. A HR manager said he likes it when “ the candidate expresses a sincere interest in our organization or is passionate about the role”.

I remember my manager being impressed with a candidate who took notes on what the team did, the role entailed and how the team fit into the larger organization during the interview. To her, it showed that the candidate was engaged and desirous of working with the team and in the organization. That candidate was subsequently hired.


How does the candidate demonstrate that he can to face difficulty and obstacles, while maintaining his or her ethics in spite of criticism and/or opposition.

How can you sell yourself as a candidate who can easily bounce back from negative experience? Or are there instances where you have put up a fight in order to achieve challenging goals? When applied in the business context of your company, management would want a contender who does not crumble under pressure but instead rises to the challenge.

Process Driven

In most organizations it is essential to systematically accomplish a task or tasks at hand.  How do you exhibit that you are process driven and can clearly outline a process or series of actions performed in order to accomplish a specified objective? Recruiters will observe whether you are able to see all the steps, identify possible roadblocks, set-up clear accountability and direct clear communication, both top-down and bottom-up.


A tricky quality to identify is the root of motivation in a candidate as they reflect the unique drivers of employee engagement. The recruiter tries to figure out what motivates an individual – career or monetary goals, or do they work on individual agendas versus for the best interests of their team and the company as a whole.

To examine this quality, prepare to answer questions like, “How you ended up in your most recent role from your previous position.”


Is a person curious to learn and expand on his knowledge?  Curiosity is serves as a helpful indicator for openness, learning, intellectual humility, and collaboration. Is the candidate responsive to feedback from others or resistant to change? Candidates who take deliberate steps to broaden their knowledge and stay one step ahead of the latest trends are preferred. How can you demonstrate this quality in you?

Human Connection

This is not the same as an outgoing personality. It is critical when you are looking to hire someone the person has to effectively engage and communicate with all of the relevant stakeholders at your company.

Not just with their team but also build collaborative relationships with other executives, leadership, and your customers (internal and external). Have you worked on projects, on social causes or events within your previous organization? Do you like connecting with people or extending a helping hand to a cause?

Personal relationships run the world – be it the social world or corporate world. Can you make your place in the new organization?

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