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Ask the Headhunter: “You won’t get hired if you act fired!”

Is getting fired a state of mind? While it is a given that, if you are fired, particularly from a senior position, it may lead to feelings of work rejection and will surely not feel great. But moving on to find a new position needs a more positive and open mindset. You’ve heard the conventional wisdom: it’s easier to win a new job if you already have a job. In other words, a person who is employed is viewed as more desirable than someone who is unemployed. And the terrifying corollary: If you’ve been fired, forget it. You are mud. Our advice: don’t sweat it. As long as you know you’re a good worker, that your skills are solid, that you work with intelligence and enthusiasm, and that you’re pursuing the right new job for the right reasons, you can get over the “I was fired” hump.

So, what are the things one can do to get out there and in fact challenge this conventional wisdom and improve the chances of getting a new senior position? We have a few tips for you to this end.

Ready to pull yourself out of the ‘I’m fired’ state?

Ask the headhunter: You won’t get hired if you act fired

Tip 1: It is not the end of your career

Everyone finds their own path home. Your career will not finish in 6 months, though it may be tempting to believe you. If you have played it right, you will have a network of acquaintances as well as a few headhunters to find a new position or talk it through. There is no shame in saying, you are looking for exciting new opportunities. One missed chance is not the end of your career. In fact it may give you a break to plan what you’d like to do in the future. Sometimes working from 9-5 as a daily routine gets us exhausted, so there’s a possibility that you now have the time to pull yourself out of the rut and create something new.

Tip 2: Your employer hired wrong- It’s easy to make yourself the center of it all. Maybe the company changed it plan for the future, or realized much later that you they needed a different skill set. Maybe the recession hit them and their products aren’t selling. Whatever the reason, it is not you. It could have been an error of judgement or a lack of planning from their end. If they fired you too quick or too soon, your employer hired wrong. It is an equal (if not full) failure on their end as well. However, there’s a critical detail that Nick mentions here for reference, no matter who or what is to blame, this is what you must remember when you’re getting interviewed for your next position-

In the interview, don’t blame your last employer for your failure, but don’t assume the mantle of blame yourself, either. Emphasize your objective of joining a healthy company that has good prospects, and be ready to show how you are going to contribute to its success. (Nick Corcodilos, Ask the headhunter)

Tip 3: How can the gap in your CV not be a problem- We shared tips on how to work things out, if you have gaps in your CV. We even asked a headhunter and here was her response-

Even those candidates that may have gaps in the resume making them feel it is not really selling like hot cakes (sometimes with wrong decisions), it is important to note that with a plausible explanation (so long as these points are covered), this is not really a show-stopper (Hildegard Freund, Headhunter and Career Coach)

Tip 4: Move to the solutions already- Make a list of potential employers that you would like to work with, make a speculative application, be creative in how you approach your dream company and ensure your online profiles are maintained well for any headhunter and executive recruiter to take notice. There are plenty of ‘projects’ to undertake when you have free time and it depends on how you can use time creatively.

In the end, we strongly agree with the idea that, getting fired is indeed a state of mind, much like anything in life. It’s important to analyze and then move forward to a more suited management job!

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