Prepared for all the classic interview questions

Applying in Germany: Classic interview questions part 2

There are plenty of them and each is a challenge in itself: job application questions. Especially the ones that increase our heart rate and where we want to flee the room. If it calms you: This is perfectly normal. Recruiters often use questions to see how you can deal with tricky situations. And apart from the tricky questions, it is equally important to consider possible answers to classic interview questions before you go strutting to meet a headhunter or an executive recruiter. Prior preparation even with 15 years of work experience will help you outperform and confidently steer conversation in the direction you like. To help you with this preparation, we have our series of the tough or classic interview questions enlisted here. These classics in particular have been analyzed from the perspective that you may be applying in Germany and the ‘perfect’ answers have been worked on with the help of headhunters and experienced senior professionals who usually ask these questions.

Prepared for all the classic interview questions

How to Answer Classic Interview Questions

“Tell us about yourself”

This question has a dual character – on the one hand, this is a classic icebreaker in the interview that will help you get started. On the other hand, your interview partner will also see if you have an eye for the prioritizing the essentials. In any case, here you should already play out all of your trump cards. Stay close to core elements in your resume: your education, your career and your specific work experience. A minute or two should be quite sufficient to answer this question.

“Why did you apply for this position?”

Another “classic” – here your answer should somehow mean that your own interests and experiences coincide with the core areas of the business. To do this, in particular the anticipated needs of the business must be linked to your own abilities. In other words: you clarify why no other than exactly THIS employment with THIS company is the best place for you in your current career situation. Also, make it absolutely clear that the company really has a great opportunity and your skills & plans can essentially make it happen.

“Why should we hire you?”

It is extremely important to find a balance between self-praise and modesty – not an easy challenge. Stay cool completely. Especially with this question it can help tremendously if you have previously considered an appropriate response to it. The key is that you must convey your motivation – a little selfishness will not hurt. Show your counterpart that you are confident in your abilities and know your strengths. Make it clear that your dedication, will power and skills will benefit the company.The simplest answers are usually the best: development, new challenges, career planning, leadership … Identify yourself with your potential new employer- how your professional values are connected to the brand. It will convince them.

 And now it’s your turn!

Do you know any more, classic interview questions for your next management roles that you want like to see answered in this series? Let us know!

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