Applying in Germany: Self-marketing in your application

Marketing is no longer just a sales strategy which is limited to products. Also the marketing of oneself (if you want to remain attractive for the labor market) or self-marketing in your application is increasingly important in today’s world. Therefore, we have a guest post from someone who knows what is important here while applying in Germany for management jobs.

Self-marketing in your application

Walter Feichtner is the owner of Karrierecoach München, a company that helps its customers in professional development and re-orientation and tries to answer all questions related to their careers. Listen to what he has to say and take advantage of these exclusive insights!

How can I stand out from other applicants in the application process and make it more likely to get the job? This is the question that many applicants, especially before an interview or assessment center are busy with. To finally be able to convince is to be able to “sell well”.

This helps you achieve not only the differentiation from your competitors, but also builds confidence in your prospective employers. Only those who are well marketed and show the company what value they can create, will emerge as the “winners” in the application process.

During “self-marketing” in your applications, it is important to actively emphasize the personal strengths, thus creating your own personal “brand”. Sure, it makes sense that first you have self-awareness – be aware of your professional, methodological, social and personal skills – in order to position yourself well. Take the time necessary for this purpose. It will be worth it.

Self-marketing in the application process begins with the creation of the application documents. The layout of the job application should be designed in detail. Pay attention to the completeness of the dossier: a targeted cover letter, a clear and complete resume with a professional photo- when needed, for instance in Germany and relevant certificates. Correct and precise documents are a crucial success factor for the invitation to an interview or assessment center.

The cover letter should be “matched” with the requirements of the job posting and your candidate profile. Try to transfer the skills from your previous experience to the ‘skills needed’ on the job description as evidence by means of examples and previous successes.

That is, if being a team player is required, please describe where and when you were able to demonstrate your team spirit already. Proceed in a concrete fashion and design your application documents meaningfully. Fundamentally, you should not write anything negative in your application, but only points with positive skills and strengths.

In the interview it is important to inspire the headhunter or HR by a convincing self-presentation. Present your qualifications and skills proactively at the start. This can emphasize an authentic appearance complimented by proper body language. False modesty acts as negatively as arrogance. Keep a happy medium and do not forget to mention which given tasks you enjoy the most.

Be courageous and communicate what you can do and have to offer. This can convince your counterpart further!

Thank you, Walter Feichtner, for this valuable post. We are sure that our readers can use these tips for their next application.

About Walter Feichtner:

SelbstmarketingWalter Feichtner is the owner of Karrierecoach München. He is a coach and consultant for all questions around the career, job application, assessment centers, career growth and new orientation including personal and professional development. Feichtner knows the needs and concerns of applicants and employees as well as employers, HR departments and has the overview of the labor market. He is also a guest lecturer at several universities and colleges and also supports companies in Recruitment and selection of employees.

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