Age is an Asset! 3 Inspirational Tips for Managers Over 50

They are experienced, they are successful, they are established: Many managers over 50 decide to take their careers into the fast lane with a change of position, and rightly so. Top headhunters are increasingly looking for executives with experience, so time to focus the spotlight on your competence – and take it into overdrive.

Experienced managers over 50 have the best qualifications to make a career move, however the right positioning is crucial.

Differing from the “youthism” at the turn of the century, a renaissance of the more “mature personalities” has developed, explains top personal consultant Klaus Aden of LAB & Company. According to Aden, a 28-year-old CFO was still very much in demand a few years ago, even if he or she had never had this type of responsibility before. Nowadays companies are looking for the wisdom and stability of those with more experience.

Clear up any stereotypes and position yourself as the top candidate that you are. Here are 3 tips to make sure that others can assess your value correctly:

1. Show self-confidence

After a successful job interview you realize the position has been given to your competition, a much younger applicant. At this point you may start to wonder if your age was a factor in the decision-making process, however this is a mistake. Wondering this will affect your self-confidence, and this can show. Stay confident and concentrate on the benefits that your age brings. For instance, which of your younger competitors can already look back on such a wealth of experience? Who among them has successfully completed so many projects? Or collected and refined as many leadership skills?

Make a list of the abilities that make you stand out, and keep the conversation in mind.

2. Do away with stereotypes

The days until your retirement are many. Do away with any ageist stereotypes immediately.

  • Explain why you want to work with this company in the long term and what your motivations are.
  • Show enthusiasm and clarify why you are the perfect candidate for the job.
  • Use examples to illustrate the situations in which you have acted flexibly / creatively / energetically, depending on the skills required by the position.

3. Position yourself well

Focus on your strengths – especially those with which you stand out from inexperienced competitors.

  • Make your leadership skills measurable. Demonstrate your success and your team’s success with powerful figures and facts.
  • Showcase your industry knowledge to the outside world. Demonstrate your knowledge of the intricacies of your sector.
  • Understand your expertise – you have built it up for many years. Show that you have solutions for complex issues at hand.
  • Let your counterparts recognize the added value you bring to the company.

Now flip the turn signal and head into the fast lane. It’s time to put the pedal to the metal: your next professional challenge awaits!

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