Why should you care about Active Sourcing?

For the Headhunters and recruiters seeing candidates ‘Actively’ in the labor market, Experteer recently launched an analytics tool enabling them to perform candidate ‘Active Sourcing‘ much more efficiently. This is especially critical in the top 10% market where our candidates are typically placed.

active sourcing

Experteer is a big proponent of Active sourcing for multiple reasons. Here are our top 3 reasons for this:

  • McKinsey coined the term war for Talent as early as 1997. More than ever, it is now very real. In non-transparent labor markets marred by uncertainty, the one thing that distinguishes one company from another is the quality of talent they possess.
  • Our candidates who are actively seeking opportunities may come from different regions and countries. This means the time for a recruiter to hire them into a company may drastically vary and the ramp up time as well as the risk is greatly reduced by ensuring and anticipating talent needs from the beginning
  • As a headhunter and recruiter, your uniqueness and differentiation to a client’s need is in part higher by anticipating the future needs and trends. This means you need to be prepared. You need to see which industry is going through which phase, and how the candidate data pools are changing. As more of us get digitally ingrained, the future is online. We won’t be boasting, if we were to say that our 5 million strong candidate database wasn’t a strong indicator of the future already, right?

Now as a candidate, why should you care about this? Here’s why:

  • Be prepared when the opportunity arrives: You need to ensure your profile is visible to headhunters and recruiters. This means even if you are not looking for a job right now, considering that they’re ‘active sourcing’ this could be your ticket in the future!
  • Be found in good conditions: Many top performers like to ‘be found by headhunters’. With over 10,000 headhunters on our marketplace, we do think you stand a strong chance of letting that happen. It also means however that, you need to be seen in your best clothes, which further means, fill up your profiles and allow them to present the most recent career aspirations that you have and are ready for
  • If they’re active sourcing, could you be actively seeking? Often we struggle in understanding when the right time to find a job is. By the way, if this struck a chord with you, the time is now. Great opportunities don’t present themselves often, and it’s not hard to see that the most successful professionals have made strong decisions when you least expected them to. Your job today may feel great, but could you be sure, that you could say the same in 6 months? What I’m saying is that, keeping your eyes open, actively being aware of what is happening in the market isn’t a bad sign for your professional self.

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