Active sourcing as a Candidate: Applying to the Headhunter

Active sourcing is usually spoken about from the recruiter’s perspective. So it may sound absurd if we talk about it from a candidate’s perspective, but hear us out, this may directly land you a management position that you’ve been waiting for, forever. In all earnestness, we recommend, an ‘Initiativbewerbung’ (very accurate German word for what we’re saying: initiate your own proactive job application for the headhunter).

Active Sourcing or proactive candidate search is in high demand, and there’s no doubt that as a senior candidate you are slated to benefit from it too. Keep it in mind that you need to attract a headhunter’s attention without forcing an application but doing it as a future career investment, for developing a relationship.

So that, whenever there is an opportunity in the future, you are in the Headhunter’s consideration set. We have four important reasons on why proactively applying to the headhunter is well worth the effort. Read further…

Applying to the headhunter: Maximize your chances!

Reason #1: A Headhunter is not just looking to hire the CEOs but also specialists without managerial responsibility (thus far). So, there’s no reason not to utilize this opportunity to take your career in your own hands and proactively look for the right headhunters who can present you with interesting opportunities.

Headhunters are usually present on online platforms like Experteer seeking candidates for positions and using Active Sourcing techniques. Have a quick look at the database of headhunters and reach out to them in a discrete manner!  

Reason #2: Even if the applying to the Headhunter for an imaginary position is leading you to no real listed positions, there’s a lot of value in it. If the executive recruiter or headhunter had a matching senior position in the future, you are surely in the pool of candidates.

You are indeed saving the Headhunters search time and making their candidate search more efficient. Surely, this is something the headhunter is going to like…

Reason #3: Making contact with a headhunter improves your own business network. And having a well developed network is most critical, especially at senior levels. Headhunters themselves are highly networked too and have important contacts with reputable companies.

Although, you may not compare a Headhunter directly to a career coach, but reputable headhunters and executive recruiters are always willing to share their recruiting tips which can definitely come in handy.

Reason #4: A speculative application has its advantages and disadvantages. An important advantage is that you can customize it while applying to the headhunter so that it highlights your key skills and career goals.

Since there is no specific position to which you are applying, you can afford to be more open and not show 1:1 skill matching for a certain job. So you have plenty of opportunities to showcase why you could be the right candidate for a variety of senior positions in your field. This makes you far less restrictive. You can put your best foot forward!

So what are you waiting for? Turn the tables and make an attempt to look for an interesting headhunter! Here are a few more tips on how to power your ‘active seeking’ abilities for a new dream career!

Applying to a headhunter

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