Achieve Success – With These Tips from Pro Athletes

The Superbowl showdown will go Do you want to improve your career by leaps and bounds? Congratulations, you’ve already cleared the first hurdle: you’ve set a clear intent for the future! But if you’re not yet sure how to achieve your goals, that perhaps they’re out of reach? Today we’ll examine the success strategies of professional athletes. Markus Czerner will teach you how to set the right goals, and to get on the right level to achieve success.

achieve success

Think Big 

Concrete goals are the building blocks for success. Plenty of people have no clear goals, or even worse, they have the wrong goals for themselves. As the year begins, ask yourself what you’d like to achieve professionally, in 201, and write these goals down.

You can achieve anything you put your mind to. Trust yourself enough to think big. Whatever we consider impossible in our dreams, will never be possible in real life. Star athletes see no limit to their own success, and they have no time or patience to consider anything as “unrealistic”.

For example, if your plan is to go from department manager to senior executive, then ask yourself if you can really imagine it, if you trust yourself to achieve this goal. If not, then consider this more of a dream than a goal.

Processes Before Results

Results are important – but the processes to achieve those results are more important. This is clearly illustrated by the German national team, as they fought their way to win the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The primary goal was to become the World Champions – that’s a result. But the processes helped them to accomplish this.

For example, these are strategies like “maintain a strong defense, have a strong transitional play in mind,” or “attack heavy up front, and pressure the other team.” Without processes and strategies, you’ll never achieve any results. Ask yourself what concrete processes you’ll use to achieve your goal, and concentrate fully on implementing them.

Results lead to high stress situations, but knowing your processes can help to alleviate this stress, because this shifts your focus from the end result, to the first steps. In the final match of the 2014 World Cup, none of the German players were focused specifically on the outcome of the game. Rather, they were concentrating on the proper strategies and processes for success.

This makes a huge difference for our minds. When we focus solely on the result, we place too much pressure on ourselves. With the help of predetermined processes, we’re more capable of achieving our goals.

Goals lay the foundation for success – in order to reach our goals, we need a “Why?” Why do you want to reach a specific goal? Every star athlete has a Why that’s stronger than any doubt.

Top athletes strive forward with a winner’s mentality, and train with steely discipline. However, drive and discipline are only side effects – the whole source of human will to achieve lies in the Why. When you know why you want to achieve something – and you’re deeply convinced of this why – you’ll find that you have a stronger will, and the necessary discipline.

Failures and setbacks will no longer keep you from accomplishing your goals. A strong Why is the best motivator – base your goals on the things that drive you the most.

Challenges as Motivators

Challenging situations can be exhausting. But they also offer you enormous value when they help you to change your perspective. Top athletes are often highly motivated by their competition. When you’re defeated by your most fearsome opponent, your own desire to win will only be intensified.

Surely you have a colleague or two competing for the same promotion? Don’t view these as dangerous, or a risk to your own success – rather, they can be another motivating factor.

Improve yourself so you can leave your competition in the dust. Regardless of how good they are – you will be better! Stop thinking, “Next to my colleagues, with years more of experience than me, I’ll never stand a chance.”

With thoughts like these, you destroy your own chances for success. Successful people do everything they need to, everything they can, to ensure that they’re better than the competition. Every day offers you 24 hours for improvement – use them to your advantage!

Concentrate on your goal and your Why, and continue to ask yourself the same question every day: “What must I do to achieve my goals?” If you lose to an opponent, use this opportunity for reflection.

Why did I lose? In which areas were my colleagues better than me? How should I proceed to improve myself? Focus on continuous development – only then will you be able to set the stage for your own success.

The 10 Best Success Strategies of All Pro Athletes

  1. Set goals for yourself
  2. Write these goals down
  3. Establish processes to help you achieve results
  4. Find a “Why?
  5. Believe in yourself – no matter what others say
  6. Change your focus
  7. Use challenges and setbacks to improve
  8. Don’t blame others for your own failures
  9. Always try to give your best
  10. Don’t look for any excuses – there’s always a reason not to do something. But there is a reason to do something – your goal.

About the Author:

Markus CzernerMarkus Czerner combines his skills in sports and economics, and brings athletics and economy together. As a keynote speaker and business trainer for mental strength, motivation and success, he shows managers, executives and employees what they can learn from the world’s top athletes, and how they can implement these lessons in their life and in their careers. Markus Czerner also knows about the life of a star athlete from his own time as a professional sports star. He knows how it applies to the professional world, and how emotional managers may feel in many situations. His keynotes and seminars focus largely on business situations, angled towards top sports. His own experience as an athlete is always his guiding influence.

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