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Management Skills 101: How setting expectations is critical to leadership

How is setting expectations a critical leadership skill? Research states one of the top reasons for unhappiness in the workplace is communication issues with one’s manager/supervisor. One of the key shortcomings for this case lies with the managers. Very often managers make incorrect assumptions that employees have all of the information needed about what needs to be…

Tips to avoid Ageism at workplace
Discrimination in the workplace

Management Skills 101: Tips to fight ageism in the workplace

One of our team leaders waited until his last day at our company to tell us how old he was. Apart from the fact that he looked much older than he really was, I was suddenly aware of why. The rest of his team was older than him and he wanted to avoid that this might call his leadership into question. Yes, ageism in the workplace has become an important issue.

How to be an authentic leader

Management Skills 206: How to be an authentic leader

What is the hype about the authentic style of leadership? The essence of authenticity is to know, accept and remain true to one’s self. The more you remain true to their core values, identities, preferences and emotions, the more of an authentic leader you become. This is valuable in fact no matter what level you are at as an employee, and is of course most critical when in management jobs.

bearer of bad news as a manager

Management Skills 205: How to be the bearer of bad news

Being the bearer of bad news is of the biggest challenges managers face. No body likes bad news, and it is worse when you know you might be ruining somebody’s day or much more. It never gets easier to tell someone they’re not performing up to standards, or to tell a whole team that their project they’ve spent so many hours on is now scrapped or the company is downsizing.

Creativity spark in management jobs

Management Skills 203: Reigniting the creativity spark in management jobs

Reigniting the creativity spark in management jobs is not an esoteric or academic topic. Think of a scenario where instead of doing your usual job to the best of your ability you are asked to test the way things are done, innovate on new ideas or new method of doing processes, challenging the status-quo as it is at present. Does this seem like an ideal scenario to you – of working at a challenging but interesting job that makes you feel as an creatively and professionally fulfilled.

How to foster creativity at work

Management skills 108: How to foster creativity at work

Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity is characterized by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions. And while we all know the importance of it, how to foster creativity at work still remains a question for most senior managers.

Leadership tools for senior managers new combination

Management skills 107: Creative leadership tool for senior managers

Austrian-American scientist Schumpeter coined the phrase ‘Neue kombinationen’ or ‘new combinations’. This concept was also in some sense dealt with by Einstein as – combinationatorial play and Steve Jobs as- ‘connecting the dots’. The reason, we mention this today, is that the concept has been revived a little by Thnk- the school for ‘Creative Leadership’ as a tool for senior managers and candidates in executive positions.

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