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Highlight your leadership skills to land the perfect position!

Does Your Resume Show That You’re a Leader?

You know you’re a leader, but does your resume show it? It should. Before you have that initial meeting with a potential employer, your resume creates that all important first impression. You want to brand yourself as a great leader, loud and clear, to increase your chances of landing your perfect position! We spoke with…

The hidden benefits of stress

How to Use Stress to Make Yourself a Better Person!

Feeling stressed? Embrace it! New research shows that stress can actually make you happier and stronger – just by viewing the experience more positively. Instead of treating stress as a disease, experts are encouraging us to reset our minds to view the negatives of stress as positives. By taking a more positive view of stress…

How to create a more productive and healthier work environment

Addressing mental health in the workplace

Mental health issues are silently killing productivity in the workplace. Depression alone costs 400 million lost workdays every year in the U.S., according to the Partnership for Workplace Mental Health program. That doesn’t even include stress disorders or anxiety, which are just as common. Considering the high cost to your company for letting these issues…

advantages of nepotism
Who You Know

Nepotism Is Underrated

Nepotism has a bad rap. We’ve all been here: your company has a job opening… and you personally know someone with the right skill set. Do you take a chance and put the two together?  Why not?! This is the new company culture, where who you know really does matter. And if there has ever been a…

overworked team
Before the Breaking Point

Managing An Overworked Team – Before They Crack Under Pressure

You’d like to think of yourself as a great manager. We’re sure you are. But sometimes the work environment is just too overwhelming to keep the hive buzzing. Your team has been given near impossible goals and you’ve got to get them over the finish line – hopefully with all members onboard and everyone’s integrity intact….

4 day work week
Smarter, Not Harder

5 Work-Life Hacks to Create a 4 Day Work Week

The ultimate white whale… the 4 day work week. It may not be a reality in your company yet, but there are a few work habits that can easily help you finish up your work week a day early. What you do with that day is your business… but here are 5 work-life-hacks to create…

executives have opinions
Executives Get Political

“Brandstanding” – Executives Have Opinions. But Do We Need to Hear Them?

Everyone is entitled to their opinions. About same-sex marriage, gender inequality, immigration policy and especially who should be sitting in the Oval Office. And social media has effectively opened up a mainline vein just perfect for injecting our personal opinions into the world. Top execs are also sharing their social-political views. And intentionally or not,…

politics of external hiring for senior managers 2
Great Risk, Greater Rewards

The Politics of External Hiring for Senior Managers

Have you considered peeking over the corporate fence, in search of greener grass? External hiring for senior managers has the following benefits, which could make your efforts worthwhile:

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