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How to Get Hired: German Edition

Applying in Germany: Tips for the Perfect CV

In an international context, a CV or a resume can vary depending on the culture and labor practices in each market. There are no real resume rules and you’d potentially find thousands (if not more) templates on a Google search. However, when moving countries, new cultural differences are seldom taken into consideration. At Experteer, we…

Prepared for all the classic interview questions

Applying in Germany: Classic interview questions part 2

There are plenty of them and each is a challenge in itself: job application questions. Especially the ones that increase our heart rate and where we want to flee the room. If it calms you: This is perfectly normal. Recruiters often use questions to see how you can deal with tricky situations. And apart from the tricky questions, it is equally important to consider possible answers to classic interview questions before you go strutting to meet a headhunter or an executive recruiter.

find the perfect photo for your resume

Applying in Germany: find the perfect photo for your resume!

Pictures are a worth a thousand words- and while there’s no rocket science in this statement and before you yawn away thinking it’s a cliche, the reality is that it is true. But what does an image truly convey? The subjectivity of this thought is far more critical when put in the context of a job application. Because the perception of a candidate can be severely altered because of an image and then you’re left wondering if you should have paid a little more attention. Applying in Germany is special in that respect as you are expected to send in your job applications and CVs with a photograph attached to it. Find the perfect photo for your resume- here are our tips!

Gaps in resume infographic

Applying in Germany: Gaps in the resume no problem!

And there it was, the end of studies. Not with the expected degree or even the full summer term. It was simply impossible to go on with the degree, the sudden new degree seemed felt far better. Does this sound familiar? Then perhaps you’ve also had this not so pretty gap in the resume. It makes no real difference whether it was a wrong decision, a personal moment of truth or simply the impact of a bad boss:

Free salary calculator tool to benchmark yourself when applying in Germany

Free salary calculator tool to benchmark yourself when applying in Germany

Applying for a job in a new culture is daunting. We understand that. Apart from personal changes, culture and languages that new countries entail, it is most critical to find the job you like and also know what salaries and positions to negotiate for. These usually vary in a new country and even within the same country itself. We take a step back and share a free salary calculator tool to benchmark yourself when applying in Germany.

Germany's best job platform and career services

Applying in Germany: How to choose your career service?

Getting to a new country can be quite a handful. While each country has its share of new cultural learnings, finding a job at a senior position can prove to be daunting, if you are not aware of how the recruitment market for management jobs works. As described before, Germany is the #2 destination for expats now after the US. And that means, applying in Germany is a topic many of us struggle with. Today, we begin a series on applying in Germany as a senior or middle management jobs seeker.

job interview in germany

Ace Your Job Interview in Germany

For international job seekers, you may have some questions about the interview process in a foreign land. What customs and norms should you be aware of? How can you best prepare yourself, and make a great impression? As if a job interview in your home country isn’t stressful enough, the added dimension of a new culture and maybe even a new language can make for a real nerve-wracking experience. But Experteer has some advice for those who are looking for a job in Deutschland – our guide will help you to ace your job interview in Germany!

job applications process in Germany statistics

Expat tips: The Job application process in Germany

As mentioned before, Germany is now a big destination for people from different countries, and its booming economy has meant that jobs have been plenty. Of course there are basic needs and expat learnings that we keep sharing with you, but we also thought it would be interesting to show case how the job application process in Germany has changed over years and share some of the statistics around it.

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