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active sourcing as a new recruitment strategy

Active Sourcing as a New Recruitment Strategy [VIDEO]

Companies have been dealing with a lack of skilled workers for quite some time already. Due to demographic and geographic trends all over the world, the job market seems to be in a state of disrepair. Companies are desperately looking for qualified candidates to fill their vacancies. This is where Active Sourcing, or the active search for great candidates, comes into play. Today, we’ll explain why Active Sourcing as a new recruitment strategy is so important, and the opportunities that it offers both companies and candidates.

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Active sourcing as a Candidate: Applying to the Headhunter

Active sourcing is usually spoken about from the recruiter’s perspective. So it may sound absurd if we talk about it from a candidate’s perspective, but hear us out, this may directly land you a management position that you’ve been waiting for, forever. In all earnestness, we recommend, an ‘Initiativbewerbung’ (very accurate German word for what we’re saying: initiate your own proactive job application for the headhunter). Active Sourcing or proactive job seeking is in high demand, and there’s no doubt that as a senior candidate you are slated to benefit from it too

4 tips for active sourcing for executive jobs

4 tips for successful active sourcing for executive jobs

Active Sourcing for executive jobs by headhunters is increasingly becoming important in today’s human resources scenario. A study by Experteer Switzerland shows that 97% of senior candidates in a company want to be ‘found’ or ‘approached’ by headhunters…

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What are the biggest hurdles recruiters face while active sourcing candidates?

Active sourcing is a relatively new concept and considering how critical senior leadership is for the future of a company, it is increasingly an important phenomena for senior management hires. We scouted our social media channels to discover what are the biggest hurdles recruiters face. Recently in an online Twitter chat, @sourcingadda came up with…

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Why should you care about Active Sourcing?

For the Headhunters and recruiters seeing candidates ‘Actively’ in the labor market, Experteer recently launched an analytics tool enabling them to perform candidate ‘Active Sourcing‘ much more efficiently. This is especially critical in the top 10% market where our candidates are typically placed.

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Active Candidates: Quality Beats Quantity

How and where can headhunters and recruiters find managers and executives who are ready for a career change? According to a study by Experteer – 97 percent of senior professionals and executives want to be approached by companies for interesting positions. ‘Active sourcing’ (the process of directly approaching candidates for open positions) is becoming increasingly important…

Why Being Headhunted is Your Best Shot at Landing a Job

Being Headhunted is Your Best Chance at Landing a Job

According to a recent article from the Wall Street Journal, job seekers are already doing one thing wrong: seeking jobs. Data suggests that by applying through “traditional” means, like classified ads, candidates are likely to be overlooked or even completely ignored. Potential new hires that came through internal recommendations, or headhunters, had the best chance at landing a new job. It seems as though hiring managers are tired of dealing with the overwhelming task of sifting through resumes and applications, and deferring instead to candidates found through active sourcing. To ensure your success as you pursue the next step in your career, take note of these tips to get headhunted, and secure that next executive position!

6 Tips for Settling Into Your New Job text

6 Mistakes to Avoid at Your New Company

A new job can be stressful, and on the first day, you’re already in a tough position – how do you make a great first impression? How do you earn the respect of your colleagues, while learning the lay of the land? So many factors, so many variables, and the pressure is on. To acclimate properly, there are a few Do’s – and plenty of Don’ts. When you start working at a new company, try to refrain from making these mistakes.


How is Recruitment Changing With Big Data

Recently while hearing the story of how the Email was invented, I thought about the time without the computers and mobiles (that I do incidentally remember). How did we ever communicate efficiently before?

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