7 Steps for a Successful Interview

Have you ever wondered what makes some people so successful in an interview for a job? Did they just luck out or was it some innate characteristic that made them irresistible. Or have these people just acquired some techniques that they use cleverly in an interview? At the beginning of a new year, we have enlisted 7 tips for ensuring you have a successful interview! Read further and let us know if you had any additional tips!

7 Tips for a successful interview

1. Personal Branding showcasing self-confidence is a must!

In today’s world good marketing is the key to success. There are several ways to demonstrate your skills and self-promote without being over aggressive. Make sure that you create your own brand in the present online world (For instance via: Facebook, LinkedIn, Experteer etc.).

You should be aware of your strengths and showcase what you have to offer as a professional. But ensure you are not overdoing it. A healthy dose of self-confidence makes a small but subtle difference.

2. Readiness creates the big difference

There are many things which you can prepare for in an interview. Identify what interview questions would be particularly difficult for you and have a ready answer prepared in advance. Try and find out something interesting about the company. What makes the company so special and attractive for you as an employee?

Where is the company placed on the market? What is the situation with the corporate structure and hierarchies? An important tip is also related to important preparation the night before the interview.

Make sure that your documentation is complete and your clothes are fresh and ironed. Think about how you are reaching the interview location and whom to contact once you get to the company office. You can not completely control the traffic but make a plan B.

3. Be dressed for success

From numerous interviews with headhunters, we learned that the appearance of a candidate may well decide the position. So, leave nothing to chance and pick out your clothes for the interview!

Pay particular attention to the fact that you feel fine and the clothing is comfortable. There is nothing worse than shoes that you can not walk in or a shirt where you can see every bead of sweat immediately through the fabric.

4. Share your story

Everyone likes stories, I speak from experience. So try to put forward the interesting sections of your career so far  so that you inspire someone. Complete the conversation with anecdotes and experiences, but strictly stay on the relevant points.

Avoid using phrases such as team player or problem solver but instead ensure that you convey your unique selling propositions. Practice something quietly in the mirror or in front of your children and get your body language right!

5. Observe your interview partner

Be ready to notice the body language, facial expressions and gestures of your counterpart if the answer was just good or less good. Instead of losing your interview partner’s interest, you’d better get to the point. If you’re seeing wrinkles on his / her forehead, you might want to make your statement more clearly.

6. Show your interest in the company

Headhunters have often shared with us in interviews that it is important that through specific questions you find out whether the company is for you or not. On the one hand you show so that you have researched the company and on the other hand you clarify what you’re looking for in a job and that you do not rely unconditionally on this one position.

7. Say your thank yous! 

You will be surprised what effect this may have. If you have the e-mail address of your interviewer, then let him/her know how pleasant the conversation was (we’re hoping so indeed). In addition, reiterate why you are interested in the position and also why you believe that you are the right person for it.

Showcase your enthusiasm. Usually this puts you in the interviewer’s network. Even if they don’t immediately hire you for that exact position, they may perhaps call you for another!

So then, all the best for your next interviews and we hope for the best in your search for the next top position!

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