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6 Tips for Increasing your Self-Confidence at Work

What is the secret to success, according to the top executives in your company? No, it’s not incomparable charm, and it’s not necessarily a Harvard degree – though these certainly don’t hurt. It’s much more likely this person possesses an invaluable trait: self confidence. Some people are born with it, no question. But this quality is also something that you can train within yourself, that can help make you irresistible to your employees. So read on, and learn what your superiors and colleagues already know: how self-confidence makes you a top boss and our tips for increasing your self-confidence at work!

Self-confidence can be innate, but it can also be learned! Ensure yours is top-notch!

Why is self confidence so important?

We don’t expect (or recommend!) that you surrender to arrogance, or try to convince everyone that you really are unbeatable and unattainable. A cocky attitude has nothing to do with confidence. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t forget that too much modesty may keep your boss, or other important decision makers, from noticing you. Plenty of people could misinterpret your restraint as disinterest, and assume that you’re not looking to change or innovate within your company.

Also, headhunters who are looking to interview for your next senior executive position pay special attention to this quality. In interviews, we hear it all the time – it’s not just about your resume and job history, but also the manner and method in which you conduct yourself. Already, headhunters have told us that more than one candidate has taken himself out of the running for a top position by being too arrogant. Determination and motivation are just as important as self-confidence. But by acting too shy, you could also run the risk of seeming disinterested to your potential employer, and minimize your shot at landing a senior executive position. So we’ve got a few tips for you, how you can best appear confident and carry yourself in these situations.

6 Tips for increasing your Self-Confidence at work

1. Develop a reputation as a fierce, yet approachable and appreciative personal manager. Your coworkers have to know that they can always rely on you, and that they have a strong leader in charge.

2. Pay attention to your body language, regardless of whether you’re walking down the hall to grab a quick coffee with your coworkers, or in the middle of an important presentation. Make sure that your body language communicates the message you want to share: confidence, responsibility, assertiveness, and value.

3. Concentrate on projects that you enjoy, as well as problem solving for issues that seem simple for you to resolve. Work to strengthen yourself in the areas where you may consider yourself weak, through teamwork with competent coworkers. This way, your colleagues will get the impression that their efforts in their own areas of expertise can benefit dramatically from your collaboration and teamwork.

4. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. Pay attention to your appearance, because others will notice if you’re the type of person who takes care to present yourself appropriately.

5. Spend more time doing things that make you happy, and that you’re good at – not just in the workplace. After a hard day at work, try to cheer yourself up with a favorite meal or a good workout. Go to the movies, or spend a weekend in the mountains. Through these motivation techniques, your colleagues – and most likely, your boss – will note that tiny setbacks don’t get you down. Positive thinking is the key here. So spread those good vibes and, with these positive affirmations, you’ll have a great impact on your coworkers as well.

6. Set a course for progress. Once you note that something is going wrong, take action to fix it. Common problems and misunderstandings should be acknowledged, and in some cases, discussed. This type of quick reaction is usually overlooked or neglected, but here you can make a huge difference by paying closer attention and initiating change.

We hope that these tips help you to grow more satisfied and confident in your daily life. Good luck!

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