6 simple steps to making your employees love you

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6 Simple Steps for Making Your Employees Love You

6 simple steps to making your employees love you

As a manager, you understandably want your employees to like you. After all, employees who like and respect their bosses are more likely to be engaged in their work activities. Such employees are often satisfied with their positions, more productive in the workplace, and more eager to keep their jobs instead of looking for a new one.

Clearly, there are many reasons why you want to try to win over your employees. So if you want to avoid becoming the cliché bad boss, widely disliked by your whole team, you can easily follow these tips to improve how your employees perceive you. Show us what you can do.

Be Clear about Your Goals and Expectations

One of the main responsibilities of managers and bosses is to guide employees so that their efforts are in line with the company’s vision. In other words, it is your job to explain the main business goals to your employees and motivate them to work hard to do their part to achieve those goals.

Employees should very clearly understand what they need to do to contribute to the company. It can be frustrating, on the other hand, if they are unclear about the company’s goals or about their own roles and responsibilities.

With this in mind, you can see that it is very important to set clear expectations. Don’t say one thing and do another – it will make them unmotivated. Be honest and fair instead, and they will appreciate it more than you know it.

Learn More about Your Employees

Employees who feel valued in the workplace are often those whom their bosses treat as human beings, not as nameless generic workers. As a boss or manager, it is up to you to get to know your employees and develop connections with them.

You can start with small things like knowing their names and wishing them happy birthdays. You can also keep track of important events in their lives, such as weddings or new babies, so you can congratulate them. For such major events, it is even appropriate to send a small gift.

Keep in mind, however, that there is a fine line between getting to know your employees and going too far and being nosy. You should always strive to maintain a professional relationship with your employees, but smiling, being cheerful and friendly can improve your reputation on a large scale.

Acknowledge Their Efforts

If you want to be well-liked by your employees, it is also important to be appreciative and considerate of their efforts. It may be their responsibility to complete certain tasks, but their hard work should not go unnoticed and unrecognized.

Remember to extend praise to your employees when they deserve it – you would be surprised how much a few positive words can boost someone’s morale and increase their efficiency. You can even go a step further and create an employee-of-the month program that includes a gift or a plaque of recognition. It will work wonders for your company.

When you need to criticize someone, make sure it is warranted and done privately. No one wants to feel embarrassed in front of their colleagues, so be aware of your employees’ emotions.

Improve Employees’ Skills

Another great way to gain your employees’ appreciation is to invest in their training – everybody wants to have opportunities for professional growth and self-development. When you train your employees, you give them a wider skillset. In turn, they are more equipped to tackle certain problems and more motivated in their workplace. This is a win-win situation

And the great news is – you don’t need to spend a lot of money. In addition to the usual methods like paying for their language courses or sending them to industry conferences, you can also utilize modern educational technology, which is inexpensive and convenient. This can include many things from downloadable apps to educational websites to massive open online courses.

Explore your options and get started! By providing employees with the opportunity to learn, you are showing that you care about their potential for career advancement.

Encourage a Healthy Work-Life Balance

The last thing you want to do is overwork and exploit your employees – this is the quickest way to become a despised boss and make your best workers leave. They should also not feel guilty about calling in sick or leaving early for a doctor’s appointment or some other important thing.

While their time off should not be abused, you should acknowledge that sometimes employees simply cannot be at work. Your flexibility and tolerance in this area will portray you as understanding, and many will feel grateful that you are so willing to accommodate them when situations arise during the workday.

You should also keep in mind the importance of vacation and other incentives – everybody needs to rest and recharge their batteries. Overall, create a flexible and supportive environment that encourages a healthy work-life balance and you will be held in high regard.

Value Teamwork and Cooperation

Your office will not be as productive as possible unless your employees work as a cohesive unit, so you need to encourage them to cooperate. Fostering teamwork will not only yield better results but also create a group atmosphere.

In such an environment, employees will feel less stressed out about their individual performance, less competitive, and more cooperative. They will focus more time and energy on their work tasks and generally have positive attitudes about the company culture.

In addition to promoting team spirit in the workplace, consider arranging some fun activities and events, such as an office game night, a party, a dinner, or something similar. These events bring people together, and they may make you a more likable boss.


As you can see, your likability factor as a boss or manager is dependent on many different aspects of your own behavior.

With some reflection, you may easily identify areas that require more effort on your part and start following these steps to improve your reputation among your employees.

Work on these weaknesses, and everybody benefits – you’ll feel better, and your employees will feel valued and like you more as boss, which results in a higher morale and better performance.

Natalie Smith, a freelance writer from Seattle, takes interest in topics like company culture, employee engagement, digital marketing, social media, customer service, and business in general. You can find her on Twitter as @Natalie Smith