5 Things You Should Know About Headhunters

It shouldn’t take a lot of research to get information on optimizing your CV or Cover Letter. Be it career services or savvy bloggers that provide you with the tips, make sure that before using any advice, things are put into perspective. However, today, we try and answer a question that is many are often left pondering: ‘What is relevant to a headhunter?

5 facts about Headhunters and Executive Recruiters regarding their job application approach:

Headhunters ‘Scan’ your CV

A survey conducted by Experteer revealed that 43% of headhunters spend less than one minute reviewing a CV. In all likelihood, this remains the same. Not because headhunters are being mean to you, but mainly because in a day with 1000s of CVs received, it is usually impossible for them to read each one in detail.

Therefore, it would probably be a good idea to create a catchy introductory statement about yourself and your career goals. As headhunters skim read through your CV, make it stand out by highlighting your most relevant achievements and skills.

2.Headhunters don’t hit Print

The same research shows that 57% of recruiters do not print the CVs, which means your application should have a professional layout, screen-friendly font and if possible, hyperlinks to your professional online presences.

3. Headhunters like ‘Power Words’

Headhunters pay attention to words that you use throughout your CV and Cover Letter, especially ones that convey strong actions. Statements are enhanced by terms such as ‘developed’, ‘demonstrated’, ‘implemented’.

Sometimes in absence of these ‘key words’ your CV falls through easily. ‘Integrate’ them and see a noticeable change in the number of times you get contacted!

4. Headhunters are on

Executive recruiters source candidates through key recruitment websites. Thus, you should put some effort into gaining online visibility on relevant career service platforms like Experteer. That’s us: trying to be helpful.

5. Headhunters ‘Google’ You

Experteer’s survey results also prove that 86% of headhunters do online search for the candidates in question. Hence, you might want to tidy up your social networking profiles and ensure that on neither Twitter, nor Facebook compromising statements/pictures are publicly displayed.

We wish you luck with your job hunting with Experteer!

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