3 tips for improving your Headhunter contact journey!

As usual, this Friday, we discuss an Experteer review with everyone to help anyone else who may get confused with some of the information. We believe our candidates need to know the logic behind our service directly from us, and we do hope that helps him in getting enough data to make an informed choice. Experteer has a string of Headhunters and recruiters that scan your profiles for matching senior level positions everyday, so we will also use this article to show you how to improve to have a great experience on your first recruiter or Headhunter contact.

Headhunter contact tips

A user on about.com posted the following Experteer review:

This company just wants your money. They are not flexible, not understanding, terms and conditions of membership contract are totally deceiving. DO NOT fall for it. Had terrible experience with them, I would NOT recommend this company to ANYONE I know.

Thank you for sharing your concern. Now we know the Internet is a free notebook to write, like Katherine Kelly says in You’ve Got Mail, you write questions into the cosmic void.

But, what could really help us, or other users for instance, would be, if we knew how we were ‘less flexible’ and lacked understanding. This really baffles us. Honestly, it’s a hard one to answer anything without any information on what went wrong.

What we would recommend is the following:

  • In case anything is not working out for you, or you have questions regarding the service, please reach out to our customer care directly
  • As a general pre-requisite to great Experteer experiences, it is most pertinent to have a fully functional profile. This means you would need to write in your expertise, skill sets, career goals. We recommend standing out from the crowd and making it unique for yourself- this is a platform for improving your own personal branding in a discreet way, what’s not to like!
  • Usually headhunters and recruiters who may scan through your Experteer profile will search through using ‘keywords’. This means, for the position that you are interested in, you need to ensure your profile contains all the experiences and skill set information that you are pushing for. We have showcased the key hurdles faced by recruiters before and for that reason alone, it makes sense for you to ensure you are not missing out on a dream job!
  • We have described before on why a paid membership is likely to improve your Experteer experience and for any reason if you wished to not continue with the paid service, cancellations are possible anytime by email, fax, letter- you just need to get in touch with us

And on that part about headhunters and recruiters, we have new tips for you, which hopefully will help further on building that first career connect and getting you all those dream senior management positions.

3 tips to help improve your Headhunter or recruiter contact:

Headhunter contact tip 1: Holding back information online or in person can be a problem for you in the future- As explained before, there is a high percentage of candidates that sometimes tend to pass on incorrect information or forget to mention key skills and experiences. This can be a make or break situation for progressing on your headhunter contact and future senior positions

Headhunter contact tip 2: Not describing your future goals clearly – this seems obvious but many candidates tend to ignore that they need to define their career goals and expectations before they can be selected for a dream senior position. The matching in itself is near impossible if the headhunter can not understand this aspect clearly

Headhunter contact tip 3: Being prepared for negotiations and salary expectations – Again this is a key step in getting to a leadership position. A headhunter needs to be aware of what you expect in terms of salary. If you are not aware of usual benchmarks then we urge you to try out the Salary calculator application available freely for all to use. It is most critical to know what you can command at a certain senior position and usually salary enters a position quite quickly in the headhunter or recruiter conversation.

 And with all these tips, we wish for your success!

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