3 Tips for Being a Loved Manager

New year, new chances. This also applies to you as a boss. Now is the time to be specific in the new corporate goals and create resurgence in the upcoming projects. It is also the time for self-assessment.

How well have you developed the relationships with your employees? How was your feedback at the end of the year? If in the last year things went wrong in this regard, this is sure not optimal but also no reason to despair. How about the following resolution for the new year: I will try each day to motivate my employees and will create a happy working environment. Does not sound so bad, right?

We have here a very special Infographic for you with the 3 best tips for being a loved manager…

1. Be an authentic leader

Studies have shown that authentic leaders are capable of creating a higher level of motivation, commitment, job satisfaction among their employees – basically all the requirements for good work performance. Authentic leaders behave in accordance with their own personal values and beliefs about credibility, respect and build trust among the followers.

They achieve this by supporting different views and creating a network of cooperation. Such behavior also inspires employees at different levels, so this may well be the basis of organizational culture at some point.

2. Be an appreciative leader

More and more good employees quit – and not because of a meager paychecks but due to lack of appreciation. Each employee gives his best when it comes to helping their own teams and business become more successful. These efforts need to be recognized. Praise and appreciation for many people counts even more than a salary package at the end of the year.

The safest way to lose talented employees, is if you demotivate them by lack of recognition for their achievements. So do not make this mistake, but show some appreciation. Public shaming or dissent only shows you in a poor light.

3. Provide your staff room for their private lives

Your employees have a private life. Family, private interests and recreation are very important factors. If your employees get the impression that they have to put more than necessary and never have time for themselves, it will also have a negative effect on the motivation in the workplace.

Make it clear that you respect their right to privacy and that you do not define performance by the number of hours worked overtime, but as per the fulfillment of goals. Give your employees flexibility!

Hopefully you will consider these important tips in dealing with your employees. Show your employees that you are a good boss and a productive and satisfactory cooperation is assured. We wish you success!

How to Boost Team Performance and Motivation
Infographic created by folks at Weekdone, the better team management tools company

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