Headhunters tell you how to keep your cool

3 Tips for a Job Interview with a Headhunter

A pending job interview with a headhunter is no reason to panic. Good preparation ensures half the battle is already won, and this is applicable also for the preparation for a job interview. Preparation ensures that you take away too much pressure and your ability to perform tasks that are waiting for you are concentrated and controlled. Before any else, you should be aware that as professionals and executives you have already awakened the interest of a headhunter or top recruiter. The fact that your your cover letter has been selected, indicates that so far you have convinced them and that they would like to get to know you personally. You can exercise a healthy self-esteem given that you are already shortlisted now.

Are you ready for success?

 Interview with a headhunter tip #1

Gather all the necessary information about the company or the headhunter’s offer in advance to meet classic questions head on. This includes:

  • What locations can the job offer be at?
  • What services or products is the company generating revenue from?

It is often interesting to look at the press site of the company. To a certain extent get insights into the “soul” of the company and learn what the company is showcasing and what successes have been achieved in recent times. Another important aspect is not to underestimate your interview travel. Extensive planning of arrival is an important. Leave out a generous time buffer for arrival. Since this is a unique opportunity for all eventualities should be taken into consideration. Getting in too late or just on time may leave a bad impression on the headhunters and can often mean a premature end.

 Interview with a headhunter tip #2

As you have already learned from one or the other interview during your career, the interview is composed of various “modules”. These include the question: “Please introduce and tell us something about yourself.” With two acronyms, you can overcome this hurdle. Interview trainers often speak of:

P-P-F: Talk about past, the present and your future goals. Make a summary in your head. Give the headhunter the story they are looking for. Create the curve, think through how you’re moved in your career, where you would like to go in the future. It is important to connect the dots. If you do a good job at showcasing your experiences, motivations and aspirations. Looking back, what could you have done differently? What did different experiences teach you?

C-M-P: This stands for competence, motivation and personality. If you can convey  these attributes to the Headhunter, you already collect valuable points. Proceed with concrete examples on milestones of your career so far. The ideal time frame for your monologue is about three minutes. And prepare yourself to the most common but also the most difficult application questions extensively before. This allows you to make an impression. It is critical to remember that an interview with a headhunter is a two-way conversation. This means, it is also important for you to give it time during the preparation phase and identify your own priorities. It is very hard to spend time in a bad job, an interview is a window to what it could look like in the future. Does your motivation to get to work, your personality and competence find a match with the job offer or the information about the future employer that the headhunter is sharing with you? It is important to ask yourself that.

 Interview with a headhunter tip #3

Another success factor is being comfortable. The right ‘look’ for the interview. Neither a turtleneck sweater in winter or flip-flops in summer are conducive to your success. Usually it’s better to err on the side of formality. As a man, a suit and tie in muted colors will hardly go wrong and as a woman, you can choose between a formal suit or a dress. The idea is to be subtle and comfortable. You do not want to stand out because of the way you’re dressed. But because of your intellect and experiences.

You should also remember that creating a good atmosphere in an interview is not only the recruiter’s responsibility. You can also help: Radiate positive energy, do not act as a passive viewer, but rather as a motivated future employee. A smile despite all the nervousness always helps to break the ice. The same applies also to the initial experience enhancers  in terms of arrival and welcome drinks. Answer all the questions positively and refrain yourself from unique extra wishes- this is clearly not the time.

And another thing: Over intense odors are a put off for your opponent. This applies to welding or food odors as well as to intense perfume.

We hope that these tips come in handy when you’re interviewing for your next senior-level position. Have fun!

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