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3 signs that your job interview was a success

Job interviewers find the job interview itself unpleasant, but the subsequent waiting for feedback is often even worse. We can’t give you a guarantee that it worked out, however, we can clue you into the signs to look for that show your chances are good and that your interview was, perhaps, a success.

Can you accurately judge how a job interview went? Check for these signs…

The conversation goes deep

If the HR manager talks specifically about the corporate culture of the company and the work processes of the company, you can take this as a positive sign. Who would be your first contact for questions? How often does the department come together for meetings? Are there regular team events? And is there a chance for employees to take part in further education? The HR manager wouldn’t tell you all that if there wasn’t serious interest in you.

Some interviews take just 20 minutes, other interviews can last well over an hour. It tends to look good for you if the conversation took longer than expected. It indicates that the HR manager (and your potential boss, if he/she was there) could imagine working together – and now wants to be on the safe side through targeted inquiries.

Another aspect that you can interpret as a good sign are questions about your required notice period in your current job and your availability. If your interviewer wants to know from when you could start the new job, that suggests a very concrete interest.

A pleasant dialogue develops

Ideally, the conversation with your interviewer was so easy and pleasant that you leave wondering how the time passed so quickly. This phenomena indicates a good conversation took place – if a proper dialogue with questions and answers on both sides arose, and there was no cross-examination by other present staff. Dare to ask questions during the interview, if the opportunity arises. If your interviewer is interested in you, they will respond and answer them. Whether you feel the atmosphere is positive also depends on the body language of the HR manager. The fact that the conversation is going well is shown, for example, by the fact that your interviewer often smiles, nods in agreement and lets you finish.

The HR manager will lead you around

A detour into your possible future office? A visit to your potential new colleagues? Or a walk to the cafeteria and the company gym? If the Personnel Officer leads you through the premises of the company after the job interview, or introduces you to a few colleagues, that clearly speaks in favor of you.

Businesses like to invite five, sometimes more, applicants for an interview. It would be costly for the HR manager to familiarize each applicant with the company premises and time-consuming for the colleagues to get to know each candidate personally. You can therefore assume that the HR manager has a good feeling, if he keeps a small encore for you after the interview.

Before you start, be best prepared to meet your future colleagues and have two or three topics ready for small talk. It’s quite common for employees to be involved in a personnel decision, or at least to be asked what they think. Therefore, you should be as relaxed as possible and not surprised or even overwhelmed when talking to your colleagues.

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Felicitas Wilke works as a freelance journalist in Munich.

Professionally, she is passionate about economics, she likes to travel in Scandinavia privately and has a heart for black and yellow football from the Ruhr area.

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